Sandow Birk: In Smog and Thunder: Historical Works from the “Great War” of the Californias


April 15–July 9, 2000 Drawing inspiration from the ever-present rivalry between the two major cities of California and from contemporary political events, Sandow Birk’s In Smog and Thunder: Historical Works from the Great War of the Californias was a detailed portrayal of a fictional war between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Thick with parody, satire, and astute social commentary, Birk appropriated iconic compositions and painting styles from the past to make commentaries on contemporary life … [Read more...]

Timothy J. Clark


. November 1, 2012-February 17, 2013 "[Clark] demonstrates in this show that he's a master draughtsman, and a very skilled painter." — Richard Chang, The Orange County Register . The upper level of the museum was devoted to an exhibition of watercolor paintings by Timothy J. Clark (b. 1951), curated by Curator of Early California Art Janet Blake, a long-time admirer of the artist’s work. “Clark’s watercolors are exquisitely rendered and infused with color and light,” she noted. “He … [Read more...]