Interning at Laguna Art Museum

Kalena in front of one of her favorite paintings in the collection.

Registrarial intern Kalena Fuji reviews her experience working at Laguna Art Museum. It was a great opportunity for me as an Art History student to work as an intern for Laguna Art Museum this summer. Under the lovely Dawn Minegar, the museum’s registrar, I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes here, and how important a job it is to manage the collection. With many works of art constantly being moved between the museum and storage and also being lent out to other museums, keeping … [Read more...]

Strengthening Abilities

Development and Outreach Associate Jennifer Gardiner

Development and Outreach Associate Jennifer Gardiner discusses her plan for her newest grant acquisition. .I have just received the Creative Capacity Fund’s NextGen Arts Professional Development Program grant. I’ll be using it for professional development courses that I will be taking at OneOC. Some of my duties as Development and Outreach Associate include assisting with grant research and writing, and volunteer coordination and recruitment for all museum events. I look forward to starting … [Read more...]

Museum Adventures with the Board

On the Roof

Executive Director Dr. Malcolm Warner reflects on his day with members of the board of trustees. . On August 15 we held an orientation session for members of the museum’s board of trustees. The idea was to introduce them to staff members they may not have met, especially some who are new, and to give them the chance to ask us questions about our jobs. Like most people, I myself used to wonder what museum staff did all day – maybe dusting the paintings occasionally? If you’ve never been behind … [Read more...]

Exploring the Collection

Dawn Minegar

Hi there, I'm Dawn Minegar, registrar at the museum. As the registrar I handle the care and management of the museum's permanent collection, incoming and outgoing loans and shipping for exhibitions, and manage the collection database and exhibition files. . A couple of week ago our Executive Director, Malcolm Warner and Curator of Contemporary Art, Grace Kook-Anderson spent some time at our off site art storage facility. Malcolm and Grace were looking at artwork for our fall permanent … [Read more...]

Fine Art Lectures and Presentations

Plein Air Mag

Fine Art Lectures and Presentations Monday, October 15, 2011 6:30-8:30 p.m. Laguna Art Museum $20.00 (includes refreshments) Sponsored by Plein Air and Fine Art Connoisseur magazines . In conjunctions with this year's theme of art education, Laguna Art Museum hosted an evening of lectures and demonstrations, complete with complimentary refreshments. Following the presentation, both speakers signed books in the museum lobby. . “Sennelier: A History in Color” Lecture and … [Read more...]