Lecture with Hurrell Biographer This Sunday

. Janet Blake, Curator of Early California Art at Laguna Art Museum: I am looking forward to what will be a lively and informative presentation by Hurrell biographer Mark Vieira this Sunday afternoon, March 17. Mark is a leading authority and writer about the golden era of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s, the era when Hurrell was in his prime as a renowned glamour photographer of the stars. Himself a photographer, Mark personally knew George Hurrell and from him learned his photographic … [Read more...]

New Acquisition: Abstract Composition by San Francis


. Laguna Art Museum recently acquired a significant abstract composition by Sam Francis. . Its margins vibrant with freely brushed forms and bright colors, this painting is characteristic of Sam Francis’s “Edge” series of the mid-to-late 1960s. Working at this time in a studio in Santa Monica, Francis was one of the foremost Abstract Expressionist painters on the west coast. He developed a readily recognizable style in which, as here, intense splashes play against areas of white. The … [Read more...]

Laddie John Dill Installation

Laddie John Dill Blog Post

Deputy Director Ed Fosmire reflects on the installation of an artwork recently sold at the museum's successful Art Auction. Artist Laddie John Dill recently installed his Triple Light Wedge from 1971 in the home of Keiko Sakamoto and Bill Witte. The piece, comprised of glass, argon with mercury, and cement emulsion, was purchased by Keiko and Bill at Laguna Art Museum’s Art Auction 2013: California Underground, which was presented on February 9. Upon seeing the work at Laguna Art Museum, … [Read more...]