Carl R. Schmidt


Carl R. Schmidt 1885-1969 . Carl R. Schmidt studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to California. He worked both as a painter and muralist in an impressionist style, specializing in desert landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and historical genre. He resided in San Bernardino from 1924 until his death. He was active with the Laguna Beach Art Association and the San Bernardino County Art Association. . Seen here is a view down El Paseo Street in Laguna Beach, a … [Read more...]

Carl R. Schmidt, El Paseo Street, c. 1924

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Carl R. Schmidt El Paseo Street Oil on canvas, c. 1924 30 x 32 inches Gift of Mrs. Carl Schmidt 1970.001 . … [Read more...]

Granville Redmond


Granville Redmond 1871-1935 . A graduate of the California School of Design, Granville Redmond lived in Los Angeles from about 1898 to 1909 and probably visited Laguna Beach during those years. After living for a period in the San Francisco area he returned to Los Angeles in 1917 and participated in the first exhibition of the Laguna Beach Art Association in the following year. Deaf and mute from childhood as a result of scarlet fever, Redmond was befriended by Charlie Chaplin, who provided a … [Read more...]

Granville Redmond, Golden Morrow, or Poppy Field Landscape, 1931


Granville Redmond Golden Morrow, or Poppy Field Landscape Oil on canvas, 1931 32 x 78 inches Gift of Mrs. Edith Redmond 1982.003 . Granville Redmond’s avowed favorite works were the beautiful, lyrical, scenes rendered in low-key, muted tones. However, like other artists of that period, including Benjamin Brown (1865-1942) and John Gamble (1863-1957), Redmond made landscapes of the California hills, blanketed with a profusion of colorful wildflowers. These proved very popular with art … [Read more...]

Ruth Eaton Peabody


Ruth Eaton Peabody 1898-1967 . Ruth Peabody was born in Highland Park, Illinois and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She moved to Laguna Beach around 1923 with her mother, artist Elanor Colburn. They both became active in the Laguna Beach Art Association. The Cook Book Oil on canvas, 1925 32 x 40 inches Gift of the artist 1966.003 … [Read more...]

Ruth Eaton Peabody, The Cook Book, 1925


Ruth Eaton Peabody The Cook Book Oil on canvas, 1925 32 x 40 inches Gift of the artist 1966.003 . In her early works, Ruth Eaton Peabody focused on the figure and on still lifes. The Cook Book combines both these subjects in a carefully constructed composition. The woman looks pensive, perhaps pondering what to make for dinner. Peabody employs rich coloration and an emphasis on pattern and line, which she employs to outline all the elements including the figure. … [Read more...]

Elsie Palmer Payne


Elsie Palmer Payne 1884-1971 . Elsie Palmer Payne (1884-1971) was a genre, portrait, and still life painter whose career was overshadowed by that of her husband, Edgar Payne. On their travels to Europe in the early 1920s, Elsie Payne concentrated on colorful scenes of the local people. Stylistically, her works are similar to turn-of-the-century American illustration with simple outlined forms and strong, bold coloration. A Decent Burial Watercolor on paper, 1942 17 1/2 x 21 1/2 … [Read more...]

Elsie Palmer Payne, A Decent Burial, 1942


Elsie Palmer Payne A Decent Burial Watercolor on paper, 1942 17 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches Gift of the estate 1971.002 . A Decent Burial is a studio work made in the early 1940s at Elsie Palmer Payne’s home in Los Angeles. It is based on a sketch done in Italy in the 1920s. She has transformed the sketch into a poignant Brittany scene depicting the burial of an infant. The grieving mother moves stiffly forward, carrying the small coffin on her head. The gray sky casts a palm of gloom, yet the … [Read more...]

Helen Pashgian


Helen Pashgian b. 1934 . Helen Pashgian was born in Pasadena, CA in 1934. She studied at Pomona College, Columbia University, and earned her M.A. at Boston University. Pashgian was one of the pioneers of the Light and Space movement, and was among the progressive artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s who explored the use of new industrial materials such as plastic and resin. Untitled Epoxy and acrylic on canvas laid down on wood, 1981 60 x 60 inches Gift of Anne B. … [Read more...]

Helen Pashgian, Untitled, 1981


Helen Pashgian Untitled Epoxy and acrylic on canvas laid down on wood, 1981 60 x 60 inches Gift of Anne B. Kennedy 2001.005.003 . Helen Pashgian’s Untitled indicates an interior space, or perhaps a submerged space, with a light source that is descending downward from above. The kind of deep penetrating shadow and strong raking light found in the painting occurs in the late afternoon. The mood is warm and cozy, inviting the viewer to occupy the same intimate psychological … [Read more...]