Carl Oscar Borg, The Great River, Grand Canyon, 1932


Carl Oscar Borg The Great River, Grand Canyon Oil on canvas, 1932 24 1/8 x 20 1/8 inches Gift of Emily Borg Elmberg 1950.015 . Carl Oscar Borg’s plein-air landscape paintings and portraits of Native Americans of the Southwest, produced in various mediums including oil, watercolor, etchings, and woodblock prints, earned him credibility as an artist and painter early in his career. Borg is one of many artists of the time credited for recording California and the American West at the turn of … [Read more...]

Carl Oscar Borg


Carl Oscar Borg 1879-1947 . Born in Sweden, Carl Oscar Borg immigrated to England around 1900, where he found work with George Johansen, owner of a firm that specialized in portraits and marine paintings. In 1902, Borg immigrated to the United States settling in Norfolk, Virginia. He signed on as a sailor aboard the USS Arizona that was headed to California. He left the ship in San Francisco, and then headed down the coast toward Los Angeles. He worked at odd jobs, including sign painting, … [Read more...]

Benjamin Chambers Brown, Laguna Vista, c. 1915


Benjamin Chambers Brown Laguna Vista Oil on canvas, c. 1915 24 x 18 inches Gift of Mrs. William Griffith 1950.012 . One of the earliest artists to settle in Southern California, Benjamin Brown moved to Pasadena in 1896. He worked as both a painter and a printmaker and was a founding member of the California Art Club. The locale is likely a view toward Arch Beach. The gestural brushstrokes in this work suggest rapid application of paint, an indication of a work done on location or en plein … [Read more...]

Benjamin Chambers Brown


Benjamin Chambers Brown 1865-1942 . Benjamin Brown studied at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts. In 1886 he made a trip to California with his parents who were considering moving to Pasadena. While in California he made numerous pencil sketches of landmarks. He returned to St. Louis where he continued his studies and then opened his own art school in Little Rock while specializing in portrait painting. . In 1890 Brown went to Paris where he studied at the Académie Julian for one year. After … [Read more...]

William Vincent Cahill, Summer, c. 1915


William Vincent Cahill Summer Oil on canvas, c. 1915 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 inches Gift of Elsie Palmer Payne 1950.001 … [Read more...]

William Vincent Cahill


William Vincent Cahill 1878-1924 . William Cahill was known for his artwork and his involvement in the School for Illustration and Painting in Los Angeles. Born in Syracuse, New York in 1878, Cahill began his studies of art at the Art Students League in New York, learning from Howard Pyle and Birge Harrison. He then went on to study in Boston, Massachusetts with Edmund Tarbell and Frank Benson. Out of his academic background Cahill developed a style based on Impressionism, and his work … [Read more...]

John H. Hinchman, Canyon Ranch, 1925


John H. Hinchman Canyon Ranch Oil on canvas, 1925 29 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches Gift of the artsit 1948.006 … [Read more...]

John H. Hinchman


John H. Hinchman 1884-1948 . Born in Detroit, MI on April 4, 1884, Hinchman studied at the Detroit School of Fine Art at Académie Julian in Paris. After spending four years in Europe, he returned to the U.S. and settled in Laguna Beach where he was the creator of the Festival of Arts. Hinchman died in Laguna Beach on May 8, 1948. Canyon Ranch Oil on canvas, 1925 29 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches Gift of the artist 1948.006 … [Read more...]

J. Duncan Gleason, Our Coast, c. 1930


J. Duncan Gleason Our Coast Oil on board, c. 1930 10 x 8 inches Gift of Louise Cadwalader 1932.004 … [Read more...]

J. Duncan Gleason


J. Duncan Gleason 1881-1959 . J. Duncan Gleason was a native of California, born in Watsonville, in 1881. He was known for his landscape and marine paintings of San Pedro Harbor on the California coast. He also wrote and illustrated several books on California maritime history and worked for the scenic art department at Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Warner Brothers studios. . Gleason was raised in Los Angeles, California and was working for the Union Engraving Company when he was only fourteen … [Read more...]