Billy Al Bengston, Notbakselser Draculas, 1977


. Billy Al Bengston Notbaskselser Draculas Acrylic on canvas, 1977 Anonymous Gift 1998.018.001 … [Read more...]

Paul Outerbridge, William Current and His First Wife, 1950


. Paul Outerbridge William Current and His First Wife Gelatin silver print, 1950 2-1/8 x 2-1/4 inches Museum Purchase with funds from the Motivated Museum Members 1998.011 … [Read more...]

Paul Outerbridge


Paul Outerbridge 1896-1958 . Paul Outerbridge was an American photographer who became well known for his experiments in color photography. . Outerbridge began his career as a photographer while enlisted for the U.S. Army. In 1921, he enrolled in the Clarence H. White school of photography at Columbia University and showed a promising career right away. Within a year, his prints began to be published in Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines. . In 1925, Outerbridge was invited to exhibit in a … [Read more...]

Joseph Kleitsch, The Artist, 1907


. Joseph Kleitsch The Artist Oil on canvas, 1907 30 x 25 inches Museum purchase with funds provided in part from Janet Barker Spurgeon and John Roger Barker 2005.004 … [Read more...]

William Millarc, Untitled, 1950


. William Millarc Untitled Oil on paper board, 1950 24 x 18 inches Gift of Mrs. Robert S. Whitney, Louisville, Kentucky 1998.002 … [Read more...]

William Millarc


William Millarc 1920-1957 . William Millarc was born in Portland, Oregon in 1920. His daughter, Mareva Millarc, followed in his footsteps and is a prominent artist in the Los Angeles area today. . Untitled Oil on paper board, 1950 24 x 18 inches Gift of Mrs. Robert S. Whitney, Louisville, Kentucky 1998.002 … [Read more...]

Karl Benjamin, #1, 1981


. Karl Benjamin #1 Oil on canvas, 1981 72 x 53 inches Gift of Sony Electronics Inc., Cypress, California 1997.006 … [Read more...]

Jerry Rothman, Classic Ritual Vessel, 1979


. Jerry Rothman Classic Ritual Vessel Ceramic, 1979 19 x 18 x 10 inches Gift of Janette Heartwood 1997.003.006 … [Read more...]

Jerry Rothman


Jerry Rothman 1933 - 2014 . Jerry Rothman has spent his career making art that pushes the limitations of clay. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1933, he moved to Los Angeles and later received his BA from the Art Center College of Design and his MFA from the Otis Art Institute. He is part of a group of artists from Otis who revolutionized the ceramic art world with their radical departure from European tradition, as utilitarian vessels gave way to forms of pure artistic expression. . Rothman … [Read more...]

Oskar Fischinger, Finger Painting, 1943


. Oskar Fischinger Finger Painting Oil on cellotex, 1943 20 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches Gift of Gregory S. Rosenblum 1994.197 … [Read more...]