Alex Couwenberg


Alex Couwenberg b. 1967 . Echo Park Acrylic on canvas, 2006 72 x 66 inches Gift of the artist 2009.003 … [Read more...]

Jeff Peters, Juniper Oil, 2008


. Jeff Peters Juniper Oil Oil on canvas, 2008 81 x 81 inches Museum purchase 2008.001 … [Read more...]

Jeff Peters


Jeff Peters b. . Juniper Oil Oil on canvas, 2008 81 x 81 inches Museum purchase 2008.001 … [Read more...]

John McCracken, Untitled


. John McCracken Untitled High gloss lacquer over fiberglass on plywood 12 x 12 1/2 x 12 inches Gift of Jerrold and Sandy Canter 2007.003.002 … [Read more...]

Jules Engel, Untitled, 1968


. Jules Engels Untitled Oil on canvas, 1968 55 x 55 inches Gift of Jerrold and Sandy Canter 2007.003.001 … [Read more...]

Jules Engel


Jules Engel 1909-2003 . Jules Engel was born in Budaspest, Hungary in 1909. He and his family immigrated to Chicago area when he was thirteen. In high school, Engel was an avid track runner and decided to pursue a scholarship in track from either USC or UCLA. In 1937, he moved to Los Angeles area and eventually settled at the Chouinard Art Institute, where he made fundamental connections to Disney Studios jump starting his career in animation. . As his artistic career developed he explored … [Read more...]

Tim Bavington, Till There Was You, 2001


. Tim Bavington Till There Was You Acrylic on canvas, 2001 36 x 60 inches Gift of Sheridan Brown 2007.001 … [Read more...]

Tim Bavington


Tim Bavington b. 1966 . London-born, Las Vegas-based artist Tim Bavington is best known for translating music to canvas by assigning sounds to corresponding colors and compositions. Bavington’s paintings are reminiscent of Op Art from the 1960s, yet possess the synthetic, digital glow of modern times. In his paintings, Bavington aligns the 12 notes of a musical scale with 12 tones of color from the color wheel. Using synthetic polymer paint, he translates audio—guitar music from The Rolling … [Read more...]

Anthony Friedkin, Surfboard with Setting Sun (Santa Monica, Calfiornia), 1980


. Anthony Friedkin Surfboard with Setting Sun (Santa Monica, Calfiornia) Gelatin silver print, 1980 16 x 20 inches Gift of the artist 2006.001.002 … [Read more...]

Anthony Friedkin, Textured Liquid Wave (Zuma Beach, California), 1992


. Anthony Friedkin Textured Liquid Wave (Zuma Beach, California) Gelatin silver print, 1992 16 x 20 inches Gift of the artist 2006.001.001 … [Read more...]