Alex Couwenberg

Alex Couwenberg
Acrylic on canvas over panel, 2014
48 x 46 inches
Courtesy of the artist
Value: $9,000
Live Auction

Staff Pick
“Combining a visually striking dynamism, not unlike that of the early twentieth-century Futurist movement, with a mid-century modernist color palette and sharp edges, this painting is simply gorgeous to look at. The viewer could easily spend time attempting to “see” certain things in the shapes, or perhaps trying to discern the visual music (given the title of the piece)—but why? It’s equally valid to enjoy a work at a purely formal level, simply relishing the combination of colors, shapes, surface quality, and craftsmanship.” – Ed Fosmire, Deputy Director for Communications

About the artist
Born and raised in Southern California, Alex Couwenberg was exposed early on to the visual elements that create the “So Cal” terrain. His subject matter comes from a deep appreciation of a Southern California aesthetic. The paint, pin striping, and finish associated with hot rod and custom car culture all show up as influences in his work. Mid-century design, furniture, and architecture, surf and skateboard culture, color and graphics, geometric and hard-edge abstraction, and the love of craft and technique all fuel the work. Applying paint to a surface and the experiences that occur while creating an image are his inspiration. Each painting becomes an experience of constantly juxtaposing elements and forms within a composition, attempting to arrive at a relationship between balance, tension, and harmony.

About the work
“My work has always been about process. Having a basic idea and letting the experience of making the painting dictate the direction of how the painting ultimately finishes. The work itself suggests the aesthetics associated with Southern California culture with a high regard to surface qualities and craft.” –Alex Couwenberg

Selected collections

  • Laguna Art Museum
  • Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento
  • Long Beach Art Museum

Selected exhibitions

  • Cross Current, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, 2013
  • Alex Couwenberg and Karl Benjamin (in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time), William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles,  2011
  • Waimea, Royale Projects, Palm Desert, CA 2009

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