Art Auction 2018 | Colin Fleck


Colin Fleck

Aesop’s Fable #15
Oil pastel on canvas, 2017
36 x 36 inches
Courtesy of the artist and saltfineart
Value: $2,500
Starting bid: $1,250

Though born in San Diego, Colin Fleck grew up largely in Arkansas. His undergraduate degree at Rhodes College, Memphis, was in Philosophy. Fleck’s work is basically figurative though leaning into the realms of gestural abstraction. Pulling from his studies and interests in philosophy, anthropology, and humanity’s relationship with the natural world, his work speaks to a connection to the earth and a sense of the spiritual. This work refers to one of the most famous of the ancient fables of Aesop: a fox fails to reach the grapes on a vine and so declares them not good to eat anyway, the origin of the phrase “sour grapes.”

Selected exhibitions

Fun Sized, Leimin Space, Los Angeles, 2017
Sense and Sound, Xiem Gallery, Pasadena, 2016
Emer9e, Gallery 38, Culver City, 2016

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