Art Auction 2018 | Jeremy Kidd


Jeremy Kidd

Brooklyn Bridge 1
Archival print on aluminum, from the edition of 8, 2006
31 x 60 x 1 1/2 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Leslie Sacks Gallery
Value: $9,000
Starting bid: $4,500

The “urbanscapes” of the Los Angeles-based British artist Jeremy Kidd are formed from a multiplicity of digital images taken at a single location, in this case the Brookyln Bridge. In a way that recalls Shirley Clarke’s celebrated 1958 film experiment Bridges-Go-Round, the viewer’s perception goes into overdrive as towers, walkways, and suspension cables are layered into a single mesmeric image.

“It seems unrealistic to expect a single photographic shot, a single moment in time, to convey the human experience of seeing. We visually explore our environment in the third and fourth dimensions as we build our personal visual journey. Compositing up to a hundred long exposures into a single piece is a more cohesive way of expressing the filmic. It allows me to explore movement and condensed time and lends itself to my concerns with exemplifying the transcendental and the essence of place.”
—Jeremy Kidd

Selected exhibitions

Kidd & The City, Panorama Mesdag Museum, Netherlands, 2017
Hyper Architectural Typologies, California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA, 2008
Fictional Realities, Laguna Art Museum, 2007

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