Art Auction 2018 | Jonde Northcutt


Jonde Northcutt

Just One 2639
Mixed media and acrylic on panel, 2016
12 x 10 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Kelsey Michaels Fine Art
Value: $950
Starting bid: $475

A native of Coronado, Jonde Northcutt draws heavily on her personal memories of growing up on the California coast, transforming ephemeral experiences into a unique and abstract visual poetry. Her paintings frequently evoke nature and a sense of home. Along with her husband, Nick Capaci, she is the founder of the Orange County atelier Bluestone Editions, a space for artists to explore printmaking processes. They are renowned for their work in monotype and water-based intaglio.

“My focus is to illuminate the memory of twilight and shadow, and to depict and reinvent gestural images of nature’s organics. My paintings touch an experience or location, and interpret fleeting taps in time.”
—Jonde Northcutt

Selected collections

J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu
Northwestern University
University of California, Irvine

Selected exhibitions

Tenfold, Kelsey Michaels Fine Art, Laguna Beach, 2017
Made in California, Mana Contemporary, Miami, 2015
Capaci & Northcutt: Alternative Perspectives & Dialogues, Riverside Art Museum, 1997

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