Art Auction 2018 | Kenton Parker


Kenton Parker

Les Toilettes
Collage and acrylic on paper, 2015
10 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches
Courtesy of the artist and CES Gallery
Value: $1,400
Starting bid: $700

Kenton Parker’s clever and playful body of work encompasses a variety of media and styles. Whether he is working in sculpture, painting, or video, his idiosyncratic sense of humor shines through. He develops his artworks through rough jottings and musings scribbled onto thousands of pieces of paper, which he keeps as an archive. While natural subjects appear frequently in his work, it is often with a sense of irony or irreverence, as in the scene of animals apparently queuing to get to a cactus in Les Toilettes. Born in 1968 in the Sierra Nevada, Parker received his BFA from San Diego State University and lives and works in Los Angeles.

Selected exhibitions

Sacred Territory, Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles, 2017
Tropic House, PRIMARY, Miami, 2016
By Any Means Necessary, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, 2015

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