Art Auction 2018 | Featured Artists


California Cool Art Auction 2018 presents works of art from over 100 premier California artists, which will be sold during a fast-paced live auction as well as a silent auction. The featured artists and their galleries have generously donated these works of art, and proceeds from the sale of the works will benefit Laguna Art Museum, a non-profit organization.

Featured Artists

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Lita Albuquerque Kaori Fukuyama Robert Larson Brandon Reese
Peter Alexander Jacques Garnier Kristin Leachman Richard Reiner
Natalie Arnoldi Frank Gehry Dave Lefner  Chris Richter
Charles Arnoldi Eric Gerdau David Ligare Mel Roberts
Jesse Bartels Daniel Gerwin Mary Little Brian Robertson
Marlo Bartels George Gibson Cody Lusby Ed Ruscha
Mark Beck Jeff Gillette Victoria MacMillan Brittany Ryan
Billy Al Bengston Jimi Gleason Michael Manning Bradford J. Salamon
Maria Bertrán Joe Goode Adam Mars Jeff Sewell
Chris Bliss Kristina Grace Danny McCaw Caleb Siemon & Carmen Salazar
Wolfgang Bloch Richard Haines Dan McCleary Michael Situ
Casper Brindle Bradley Hankey Elizabeth McGhee Phillip K. Smith III
James hd Brown Michael Harnish Scott McMillin Fred Stodder
Ryan Callis Danny Heller Pierce Meehan Don Suggs
Jean Charlot Orr Herz David Milton Elizabeth Turk
Mindy Cherri Chris Hite Mia Moore Lindsey Warren
Deborah Davidson Brad Howe Andy Moses June Wayne
Mara De Luca George Hurrell Gwynn Murrill Ann Weber
Tony DeLap Kelsey Irvin Eric Nash Stephanie Weber
Joshua Dildine Ben Jackel John Nava Matt Wedel
Laddie John Dill Liz Jardine Glenn Ness Alex Weinstein
Jorg Dubin Kathy Jones Jonde Northcutt Kirsten Whalen
Cheryl Ekstrom Catherine Kaleel Michael Obermeyer Frederick Wight
Jules Engel Sherry Karver Kenton Parker Tyrus Wong
Ned Evans  Jeremy Kidd Guy Pène du Bois Suzan Woodruff
Lorser Feitelson  Mary-Austin Klein Astrid Preston William Wray
Colin Fleck  Peter Krasnow Gregory Price Scott Yeskel
Victoria Fu Tom Lamb Glynnis Reed

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