. Share Your Experience with Laguna Art Museum! Share your photos from the museum's new exhibitions online with #FauxReal for the Faux Real exhibition, #SeaChange for Sea Change: Tanya Aguiñiga’s Bluebelt Forest, and #LagunaArtMuseum for the museum in general. The museum will share the most fun and inspiring images on its various social networking sites. Photography in the galleries is allowed. More than that, we encourage it! . Follow us on Instagram (@LagunaArtMuseum), Facebook, and … [Read more...]

Palette to Palate 2013 a Success

P2P 2013 header

. Laguna Art Museum’s 2013 Palette to Palate fundraiser grossed approximately $190,000 on May 10, 2013—the museum's most successful Palette to Palate to date! This is $40,000 more than in 2012. The museum expects to net $125,000 for its education and exhibition programs. . Now in its eighth year, Palette to Palate at Laguna Art Museum has become one of Orange County’s most anticipated art and dining experiences. The museum transformed into a beautiful and unique venue, featuring the culinary … [Read more...]

Out on Loan


. Despite the old saying “neither a borrower nor a lender be,” most museums are both. In order to put together the special exhibitions that are so central to what they offer their visitors, they frequently borrow works of art from one another. Except in rare instances, there are only minimal fees involved in museum-to-museum loans. The lending museum makes the loan on the basis of good will, the prestige and value of the exhibition, and usually a hope that the borrower might sooner or … [Read more...]

Imagination Celebration Planning

Owen Blum designing the Puzzles for Imagination Celebration

Development and Outreach Associate Jennifer Gardiner gives an overview of preparations for Imagination Celebration, our family art-filled event on April 20th. I just got finished ordering wiggly eyes, sparkly pens, puff balls, balloons and a face painter! It’s that time of year again, the museum is hosting Imagination Celebration, a fun-filled day of exciting art activities for the whole family. Imagination Celebration is an annual county-wide event produced by Arts Orange County and the … [Read more...]

Lecture with Hurrell Biographer This Sunday

. Janet Blake, Curator of Early California Art at Laguna Art Museum: I am looking forward to what will be a lively and informative presentation by Hurrell biographer Mark Vieira this Sunday afternoon, March 17. Mark is a leading authority and writer about the golden era of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s, the era when Hurrell was in his prime as a renowned glamour photographer of the stars. Himself a photographer, Mark personally knew George Hurrell and from him learned his photographic … [Read more...]

New Acquisition: Abstract Composition by San Francis


. Laguna Art Museum recently acquired a significant abstract composition by Sam Francis. . Its margins vibrant with freely brushed forms and bright colors, this painting is characteristic of Sam Francis’s “Edge” series of the mid-to-late 1960s. Working at this time in a studio in Santa Monica, Francis was one of the foremost Abstract Expressionist painters on the west coast. He developed a readily recognizable style in which, as here, intense splashes play against areas of white. The … [Read more...]

Laddie John Dill Installation

Laddie John Dill Blog Post

Deputy Director Ed Fosmire reflects on the installation of an artwork recently sold at the museum's successful Art Auction. Artist Laddie John Dill recently installed his Triple Light Wedge from 1971 in the home of Keiko Sakamoto and Bill Witte. The piece, comprised of glass, argon with mercury, and cement emulsion, was purchased by Keiko and Bill at Laguna Art Museum’s Art Auction 2013: California Underground, which was presented on February 9. Upon seeing the work at Laguna Art Museum, … [Read more...]

Macha Suzuki: This is the End

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What’s an original print?

Top from left to right: Michelle Farro, The Thermos, Woodblock Print; Michelle Farro, The Squire, Woodblock Print
Bottom: Timothy J. Clark, Regina Sitting, Lithograph

Highlights from the museum store: What's an original print? The revamped museum store features various kinds of work by local artists, including original prints. “Print” can be a little confusing as an art term. Often people use the word to mean a picture of a painting or some other work of art. In that case, when technicians and professional printers carry the process through and the artist plays no part beyond creating the original, the print could be called by the more exact term … [Read more...]

Dr. Malcolm Warner Celebrates One Year as Executive Director of Laguna Art Museum

. Museum Thrives Under New Leadership It has been one year since former Kimbell Art Museum Deputy Director Dr. Malcolm Warner took the helm as executive director at Laguna Art Museum on January 3, 2012. Much has improved for the California art-focused museum in a short amount of time, including an increase in donations and gifts to the museum’s collection, the hiring of new staff, improvements to the building, and an increase in programming. . Since Warner took up his position, the … [Read more...]