Brad Howe

howe-brad_candelillas-a_600 howe-brad_candelillas-b_600


Brad Howe
Stainless steel, urethane, 2016
23 x 23 x 4 inches
Courtesy of the artist

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Brad Howe began his career in Brazil after studying history at the University of São Paulo. In his art he seeks to build on the tradition of geometric abstraction and to sustain that tradition as a living, viable discourse. His playful mobiles, wall hangings, furniture, and freestanding sculptures combine the dynamic planar relationships and solid coloration associated with post-Cubist modernism. Their playful exuberance, however, owes more to the artistic climates of twenty-first century Los Angeles and São Paulo. Howe has exhibited in over sixteen countries worldwide, and his works have been placed in collections throughout thirty-two countries.

Selected collections
Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento
Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii
Pasadena Museum of California Art

Selected exhibitions
Jardin de Reverie, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, 2016
Shadow Economy, Lancaster Museum of Art and History, 2014
Strata, Museum of Design, Art and Architecture, Culver City, 2007