Faux Real


. June 2-September 29, 2013 "Faux Real at Laguna [Art Museum] is playful and humorous." ~ Richard Chang, The Orange County Register . Laguna Art Museum presented a collection of works by contemporary artists who mimic reality with a playful twist, in the process raising questions of authenticity and duplication. Often using off-beat materials, and showing a sly sense of humor, they took as their subject-matter items that anyone might pass over without a second thought, such as food, … [Read more...]

ex·pose: beatriz da costa


. . June 2-Septmeber 29, 2013 "While the realities of cancer are harrowing, da Costa...leave[s] the viewer with feelings of empowerment and hope." ~ Richard Chang, The Orange County Register . The fourth show of Laguna Art Museum’s ex·pose series featured the last project of Beatriz da Costa, who passed away on December 27, 2012 at age 38. Dying for the Other, a triptych video installation, offered a parallel consideration of mice used in breast cancer research alongside scenes from the … [Read more...]

John Mason: Blue Wall


. February 24-October 13, 2013 "Blue Wall is monumental in scale and significance, and is worth checking out." ~ Richard Chang, Orange County Register . The museum hosted a special exhibition of John Mason’s monumental Blue Wall, on loan from the artist. For Mason, Blue Wall was the culmination of a period of large-scale sculptural work beginning in 1957. It is now regarded as a landmark in the history of ceramic art and a masterpiece of Abstract Expressionism. . To create the work, … [Read more...]

George Hurrell: Laguna to Hollywood


Jean Harlow, Frank Cuprien, Bette Davis, Edgar Payne, Walt Disney. © HurrellPhotos.com . . February 24-May 19 "This exhibit is filled with wonderful pictures that encompass Hurrell’s exceptional achievements with angle, light and shadow." ~ Richard Chang, Orange County Register . On display on the museum’s upper level was an exhibition of photographs primarily from the permanent collection by noted Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell (1904–1992). Born in Cincinnati, … [Read more...]

ex·pose: allison schulnik


. February 24-April 28, 2013 "Schulnik’s three clay-based animations...give me reason to live. They’re that good. [The] videos are beautiful, surreal, creepy, cute and tremendously creative." ~ Richard Chang, Orange County Register Laguna Art Museum continued its contemporary art program ex•pose with Los Angeles artist Allison Schulnik. Schulnik’s paintings, sculptures, and clay animations show the same relish for visceral and surreal forms. Bright colors emerge through an overall … [Read more...]

ex·pose: macha suzuki


. November 4, 2012-January 20, 2013 . "Macha Suzuki is something of a revelation...[he] clearly has a load of talent." — Richard Chang, The Orange County Register . "Suzuki's work is generous, child-like and a lot of fun. Guaranteed to put a grin on your face, the work is curated with immaculate taste and a thorough, insightful series of interviews and biographical material by Grace Kook-Anderson." Dave Barton, OC Weekly Macha Suzuki’s installations convey a sense of narrative that … [Read more...]

Timothy J. Clark


. November 1, 2012-February 17, 2013 "[Clark] demonstrates in this show that he's a master draughtsman, and a very skilled painter." — Richard Chang, The Orange County Register . The upper level of the museum was devoted to an exhibition of watercolor paintings by Timothy J. Clark (b. 1951), curated by Curator of Early California Art Janet Blake, a long-time admirer of the artist’s work. “Clark’s watercolors are exquisitely rendered and infused with color and light,” she noted. “He … [Read more...]