Rex Brandt: In Praise of Sunshine


. June 29-September 21, 2014 Laguna Art Museum presents a retrospective exhibition of the paintings of California landscape artist Rex Brandt (1914–2000), curated by Curator of Historical Art Janet Blake. . Rex Brandt gained national renown for his watercolor paintings during the period from the mid 1930s to the 1990s. As a dedicated teacher of the watercolor medium, he conducted painting workshops both at his home in Corona del Mar, his summer home in the San Juan Islands off the coast of … [Read more...]

John Altoon: Drawings and Prints


. June 29-October 5, 2014 John Altoon (1925-69) is best known as a painter, but drawing was an important aspect of his working practice throughout his career. Like his paintings, his drawings show a remarkable boldness, speed, and ability to improvise. . This intimate exhibition of drawings and prints looked at Altoon’s hesitation between being a commercial illustrator and a fine artist. On the commercial side, he made illustrations for articles in magazines such as Caper and Escapade. He … [Read more...]

Permanent Collection


Permanent Collection June 29-September 21, 2014 This selection of highlights from the museum’s collection features representational paintings in the California Gallery and abstract works from the 1960s to the present in the Steele Gallery. On view are new acquisitions by Peter Alexander, Albert Contreras, Nancy Rubins, Manuel Neri, and Tom Wudl, each a stellar example of the artist’s work. . Laguna Art Museum’s mission is to collect, care for, and exhibit works of art that were created by … [Read more...]

Wayne Thiebaud: American Memories


. February 23-June 1, 2014 Wayne Thiebaud is one of the world’s most popular and respected painters. Born in 1920, he has lived for most of his life in Sacramento, although he spent much of his youth with his family in Long Beach and remains sentimentally attached to Southern California, especially Laguna Beach. He suggested the idea of the exhibition and selected the works himself, an act of autobiography in a sense and part of the reason for the title American Memories. At 93 years of age, … [Read more...]

ex•pose: dana harel


. February 23-June 1, 2014 Dana Harel’s first museum exhibition in the U.S. presented a new series of work, Between Dreams and Nightmares. The series was drawn from the artist’s relationships to the men in her family and ties to military life: “As an Israeli female soldier, a daughter of a soldier, a wife of a soldier, and a mother of a young sensitive male, I have witnessed men in their most intimate and tender moments, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. I draw on this … [Read more...]

Travels with Millard Sheets, 1950–1986


. February 1-June 8, 2014 On loan from the Diane and E. Gene Crain Collection was a selection of paintings by California artist Millard Sheets (1907–1989) curated by Laguna Art Museum's Curator of Historical Art Janet Blake. Over twenty paintings dating from 1950 to 1986 highlighted the artist’s travels around the world. Sheets had wanderlust while still a student at Chouinard School of Art in 1928. After winning several prizes for his paintings, he embarked for Europe, where he spent six … [Read more...]

Adam Silverman: Clay and Space


. October 27, 2013-January 19, 2014 In his first museum exhibition, renowned potter Adam Silverman created a series of installations ranging from displays of his pots in various settings to video pieces. The theme that ran through Adam Silverman: Clay and Space was the relation of art to nature. Silverman brings to his pottery both an architectural sensibility and a keen response to natural forms and materials—the spiral growth of sea shells, the textures of coral and barnacles, the rhythms … [Read more...]

Sea Change: Tanya Aguíñiga’s Bluebelt Forest


. . June 2, 2013-January 19, 2014. Los Angeles-based artist Tanya Aguíñiga transformed the museum’s upper level gallery into a forest of kelp, corals, barnacles, and other wonderful natural forms that one would typically find under the sea off Laguna Beach in a specially-commissioned site-specific installation. Every object in the exhibition was hand-made by the artist and her assistants using a variety of materials, especially textiles. By brilliantly recreating organic elements in … [Read more...]

ex•pose: richard kraft


. . October 27, 2013-February 2, 2014 In the fifth exhibition in Laguna Art Museum’s ex•pose series, Los Angeles-based artist Richard Kraft presented a new body of work. Combining a succession of films he has made since summer 2012, he created an installation fully surrounding the viewer. Although there were several locations—Los Angeles, New York, and India—the collective experience was less about particular geographic locations than about a state of being and the multifaceted wonder of … [Read more...]