David Ligare: California Classicist

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David Ligare: California Classicist October 18, 2015-January 17, 2016 The art of David Ligare (born 1945) is based on the classical principals of beauty and order. He is an idealist rather than a realist, one who seeks originality in our origins rather than our innovations. Believing that art should direct and define culture as it has in the past, he uses the images and narratives of the classical canon - the embodiment of ideals he considers fundamental to Western thought - to enliven the … [Read more...]

The Canyon Project: Artivism


The Canyon Project: Artivism! October 18, 2015-January 17, 2016   Artists Jerry Burchfield (1948–2009) and Mark Chamberlain (born 1942) considered Laguna Canyon to be crucial to the identity of their hometown of Laguna Beach. In 1980, aware that the canyon was being threatened by development, the two artists committed to a long-term project to rally the cause to protect the canyon through activism. The project slowly evolved into sixteen different phases over thirty years, during which … [Read more...]

Phil Dike: The Wave and Malibu Set Series, 1968–1981 From the Collection of Diane and E. Gene Crain

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Phil Dike: The Wave and Malibu Set Series, 1968–1981 From the collection of Diane and E. Gene Crain June 28-October 4, 2015 In the 1960s, artist Phil Dike began to focus on semiabstract interpretations of the sea, the beach, and beach life. The E. Gene Crain Collection has extensive holdings of these works, which includes the Wave Series and the Malibu Set Series. Dike, who grew up in Redlands in San Bernardino County, first came to Newport Beach with his father. One of his earliest … [Read more...]

Marcia Hafif: From the Inventory

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  Marcia Hafif: From the Inventory June 28-September 27, 2015 Marcia Hafif emerged in the 1970s as a key figure among artists searching for ways of painting beyond abstraction. She directed her work to a study of pigments and their material supports, which led to single-color paintings made in series and intended to be installed in such a way that each wall and each exhibition becomes a work of art in itself. She has said, “I don’t make paintings so much as I make … [Read more...]

Robert Henri’s California: Realism, Race, and Region, 1914-1925


Robert Henri’s California: Realism, Race, and Region, 1914-1925 February 22–May 31, 2015 The legendary American painter Robert Henri made his first plans to visit California just over a century ago.  “Westward Ho!” he exclaimed in 1914 in a letter to his former student, Alice Klauber, who lived in San Diego.  Henri’s eagerness was rooted in his quest for new settings and fresh subjects. “I am now quite convinced that San Diego is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world … [Read more...]

California Printmakers, 1950-2000


California Printmakers, 1950-2000 February 22 -May 31, 2015 . Most of the leading California artists of the second half of the twentieth century, from Wayne Thiebaud to David Hockney and Ed Ruscha, were both painters and printmakers. Printmaking flourished thanks to the establishment of print workshops where artists could benefit from the technical know-how and inventiveness of expert printers. The most notable were Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles, founded in 1960; Crown Point … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Turk: Sentient Forms


October 12, 2014–January 18, 2015 On display in the museum’s main level galleries was a solo exhibition of work by mixed media artist Elizabeth Turk, comprised of new work along with pieces from earlier series. In a multi-media installation, Turk continued her exploration of the recurring themes of time, matter, and space. The exhibition featured marble sculptures from her Cage and Collars series, the fragility and fluidity of which were a stark contrast to the heavy materials from which they … [Read more...]

Lita Albuquerque: Particle Horizon


. October 12, 2014–January 18, 2015 Lita Albuquerque’s installation Particle Horizon complemented her large-scale performance work, An Elongated Now, which she presented as part of the museum’s Art & Nature festival on November 8, 2014. Both installation and performance are reminders, in the artist’s words, “that the human being is the architecture that houses the connection and relationship between art and nature.” Particle Horizon occupied the museum’s Segerstrom Gallery (lower level) … [Read more...]