Phillip K. Smith III: Bent Parallel


Phillip K. Smith III: Bent Parallel Laguna Art Museum October 16 - January 15 Phillip K. Smith III’s monumental installation Bent Parallel envelopes viewers in light, continuing the artist's ongoing dialogue with color theory, optics, scale, and technology. Appearing as two intersecting color-field walls, the hinge-like structure merges surfaces to engender a perception of shifting and blending. It creates a third, material-less, zero-thickness plane that mixes the adjacent colors and seems … [Read more...]

Miss Hills of Laguna Beach


Miss Hills of Laguna Beach Anna Althea Hills: Art, Education, Community Laguna Art Museum October 16, 2016 - January 15, 2017 The landscape painter Anna Althea Hills (1882–1930) was one of the highly talented artists whose presence in the community helped put Laguna Beach on the map as a premier art colony during the first decades of the twentieth century. Born in Ravenna, Ohio, she studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Woman’s School of Art at Cooper Union in … [Read more...]

Kristin Leachman: Xylem Rays


Kristin Leachman: Xylem Rays Laguna Art Museum October 16 - January 15 Fascinated by patterns, textures, and the seemingly chance imagery that can emerge from them, Kristin Leachman bases her latest series of paintings on the tissue that transports water from the roots of trees up to the leaves: “Conceived as mystical messages and artifacts, they are an exploration of the sinews that bind us together, both physically and metaphysically. Nature is my guide as it was for the first Angeleno … [Read more...]

The Wave Portfolio: Photographs by Anthony Friedkin


The Wave Portfolio: Photographs by Anthony Friedkin June 26 – October 9, 2016 Renowned California photographer Anthony Friedkin made the twenty black-and-white photographs of his Wave Portfolio between 1977 and 2006, printing them in his own darkroom in Santa Monica. They show waves at Zuma Beach, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, La Jolla, Carmel, and Santa Monica. Friedkin is a lifelong surfer and self-styled “disciple of the sea.” In the Wave Portfolio he brings to his images a sense of both … [Read more...]

Peter Krasnow: Maverick Modernist


  Peter Krasnow: Maverick Modernist Laguna Art Museum, June 26 to September 25, 2016 Laguna Art Museum is proud to be organizing a comprehensive exhibition of the work of the Los Angeles artist Peter Krasnow (1886–1979). Born in Ukraine, Krasnow immigrated to the United States in 1907 and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While in New York exhibiting at the Whitney Club, he met photographer Edward Weston and began a lifelong friendship. Krasnow and his … [Read more...]

Helen Lundeberg: A Retrospective


Helen Lundeberg: A Retrospective February 21-May 30, 2016 Laguna Art Museum is proud to be organizing the first comprehensive exhibition of the work of a key figure in twentieth-century California art, Helen Lundeberg (1908-1999). Featuring approximately sixty to seventy paintings, it will survey Lundeberg’s career systematically, beginning with her landmark Post-Surrealist paintings of the 1930s. With her teacher and later husband Lorser Feitelson, she organized the Post-Surrealist group, … [Read more...]

Emerging Masters 2016: Laguna College of Art + Design MFA exhibit


Emerging Masters 2016 June 19 to July 17 Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), in collaboration with Laguna Art Museum, is proud to present Emerging Masters 2016, a diverse and impressive exhibition featuring works by recent graduates and current candidates of LCAD’s Masters of Fine Arts programs in Drawing and Painting. Exhibiting Artists: Chloe Allred, Sansanee Boonyad, Trevor Christiansen, Jeff Clendenning, Mario Andrés Colón, Averi Endow, Ashley Gardner, Gavin Gardner, Kenny … [Read more...]