Daniel Aksten

Daniel Aksten
Vessel (Red Screen, Stripe Variation)
Composite finishes on aluminum panel, 2013
24 x 24 inches
Courtesy of the artist
Value: $4,000
BUY IT: $2,000 (call 949.494.8971 x219)

About the artist
Los Angeles artist Daniel Aksten was born in New Hampshire and studied English and philosophy at Chico State University. Following his college years, during which he discovered Kafka and James Joyce, he intended to pursue writing but discovered he could use visual art to explore his ideas. He began showing his paintings in the mid 90s, with solo shows in San Diego and Los Angeles, and continues to exhibit his work in California and beyond.

About the work
Best known for his fastidious paintings of geometric solids composed by chance through a system involving the roll of a die, Aksten continues to stress the conceptual side of painting. His minimalist philosophy has led him to use deadpan materials such as resin and sprayed finishes, which – unlike oil paint, for instance — give no sense of the artist’s hand.

Selected exhibitions

  • Support, Edge, Variation, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, 2012
  • Generation, PØST, Los Angeles, 2009
  • Coverage, Simayspace Gallery, San Diego, 1996

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