Major Contributors

Major Contributors

Laguna Art Museum thanks its 2012-13 contributors who gave generously to support exhibitions, education programs and special events. The museum’s Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers deeply appreciate your continued commitment.

This list indicates gifts to Laguna Art Museum between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. It does not include general membership dues.

Please inform us of any updates or corrections.

$100,000 and above
Antoinette W. Ayres Family Trust
Laguna Beach Visitors and Convention Bureau and the Business Improvement District

Yvonne Boseker
Jean Gaulin Foundation
The McBeth Foundation

Auerbach Family Trust
Barbara Steele Williams Designated Agency Endowment
David Dedmon and Charles Atwood
Robert Hayes and James Burba
Bobbi Cox
Priscilla and Ranney Draper
Draper Family Foundation Fund
Teri and Marshall Eichenauer
First Foundation, Inc.
Pacific Life Foundation
Robert Hayden III
Janice Johnson
Janis and Kenneth Kaplan
Liz and Sten Kramer
Karen McCulley
Michele and Emil Monda
Martha and James Newkirk
Julia Padach-Mathewson and Curtis Mathewson
Laura and Lou Rohl
Rick Silver
Judy and Keith Swayne
Betty Jean and Wayne Thiebaud

Bank of America
Festival of Arts Foundation
Rick Balzer and Lyn Burke
Ted Baxter
Curt Biddulph and Karen Lutomski
Robert Braun
Johanna and Gene Felder
Sara Forbes Heeschen and Paul Heeschen
Jane and Joe Hanauer
Sheldon Milner Harte and John Combs
Mike Hem
Jan and Mark Hilbert
Robin and Steve Kalota
Jon Madison and Ken Lynn
Nancy Moure
Mark Porterfield and Steve Chadima
Lynn and David Rahn
Chell Smith
Thomas B. Stiles and Barbara Alexander
Elizabeth and Tom Tierney
Karen Weinberg
Wells Fargo Foundation
Susan Wunderlich and Richard Hall

Leone and Rich Adler
Linda Banks
Gerald Buck
Simon K. Chiu
Diane and Gene Crain
Kingsley and John Croul
Janet Dickson
Janet and Henry Eggers
Nancy and Chuck Fry
Karen and Bob Hoehn
Patricia and Chester Houston
Kenneth and Jan Kaplan
Laguna Beach Community Foundation
Colleen and Randall Kroha
James and Suzanne Mellor
Katy Moss
Linda and Mike Mussallem
Lindy Narver
Linda and Garrett Pack
Greta and Joel Panish
Suzanne and Theodore Paulson
Ray and Barbara Redfern
Joni Rehnborg
Anne Reiss
Al Roberts and Ken Jillson
Angela Tesselaar-O’Donnell and Douglas O’Donnell
Ellen and Sam Rose
Sarah Thorne-Markman and Adam Markman
Shelley Thunen
Kathleen and Richard Tucker
Jean and Donald Vivrette
Ruth Westphal
Suzanne Wold

Gary Allen
Pat and Dick Amtower
The Arts Council of Laguna Art Museum
Joseph Baker
Marla Bird
Lynne Biscieglia
Leslie Blumberg
Genny Boccardo-Dubey and Frank Dubey
Choo Choo and Dennis Boyer
Yasuko and John Bush
Nancy Bushnell
James Caillouette and Gabrielle White
Jacques Camus
Mark Christy and Leticia Apalategui
Clark and Greg Collins
Kathy and Michael Conway
Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus
Barbara and Tad Danz
Sally Davis
Mary and Gregg DeNicola
Cindy and Mark Evans
Kathy and Tom Ferry
Lawrence Fodor
Susan and Richard Gordinier
Sue Greenwood
Cooper and Patricia Griggs
Hang Vinh and Daniel Hansman
Loren Harris-Heller
Vanessa Helin and Angel Garcia Maroto
Charles James
Mark A. Judy
Jack Kenefick
David and Deborah Lake
Mary and Matt Lawson
Lockie and Clark Leonard
Steve Lewallen and Bret Green
John S. Link
Lisa and John Mansour
Lori Marks-Newman and Kevin Newman
Ilona Martin
Judy McKay
Martin Medak
Kristy and Danny Melita
Nancy Miller
Elyse Caraco Miller and Bruce Miller
Melinda and Tony Moiso
Mark Moore
John Murphy
Pamela B. and James F. Muzzy
Lindy Narver
National Charity League, Inc. Laguna Chapter
Sherri Worth Nourse and Jerry Nourse
Gail and Peter Ochs
Elma and Earl Payton
Madeleine Peterson
Barbara and Richard Picheny
James Pick and Rosalyn Laudati
James B. Podlick
Chris Quilter
Ellen and Sam Rose
Lee Sandler and Kathleen Farinacci
Deborah and Robert Schlesinger
Sande and Richard Schwarzstein
Francine and Daniel Scinto
Sandy Sewell
Earlene and Herb Seymour
Hanna and Gregory Skjonsby
Theodore Slavin
Miriam Smith and Doug Greene
Marjorie and Vernon Spitaleri
Melinda and Lynn Stanton
Irene and George Stern
Laura Tarbox and Mike Nozzarella
Corinna and Justin Thavirat
Lindsay Tognetti and John Keith
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
Marnie and Brett Wall
Charles Walworth and Judson Slusser
Tracy Young

Blair and Donna Ballard
Pamela Banks
Byron Barker
Kerry Bartels and David Hulse
Nancy and Gary Beverage
Laura and Jerry Bieser
Paul Boschetto
Meriam Braselle
Linda and Jonathan Burke
In Memory of William Deming Burr III
Polina Chebotareva
Robert Chickering and Carole Urie-Chickering
Derry and Roger Coe
Laura Davick
Mary and William R. Cramer
Heidi and Mark Draper
Leanne and Howard Englander
Karen and Robert Gilbert
Deborah and Martin Hale
Nadine and Robert Hall
Sally Hill
Eric Jessen
Elizabeth and Don Johnson
William A. Karges
Jim Loss and Katie Burnett
Barbara and Greg Macgillivray
Mike Meyer
Catlin Moore
Nicholas Yrizarry Wealth Management Group
Michael Ray
Susan and John Reese
Fritz Reynolds
Chris Richter
Lynn and James Saivar
Igal and Diane Silber
Merrily Smith
Patricia Turnier
Jill Watkins
Denise and Ralph Wintrode
WPO Pacifica OC

Betsy Anderson
Bette Anderson
Lauren and John Arabia
Faye and Wayne Baglin
Kacey and Joseph Baker
Sharlene Baker
Robert Barich and Julian Ramos
Linda and James Barisic
Serena and Matthew Benson
Marc Berger
Judith Bijlani
Paola and Richard Bisson
Suzanne and Harry Bithell
Ward Blackburn
Janet Blake and Ken Zandieh
Ellie Blankfort and Peter Clothier
Derek Boorn
James Brown
Yasuko Bush
Matthew Carpino
Brigette and Jose Collazo
Howard and Rita Conn
Bob and Tina Cook
Patricia Corrigan and Leonard Schwigen
Suzanne Curtin
Katherine and Ralph Cygan
Barbara Davidson
Alexandria and Chris Del Rosso
Carol and G. Leslie Elliott
Sylvia and Bennett Engelman
Ginnie and Stan Eschner
Virginia and Jeffrey Fahrni
Ingrid Feeny
Mary and Joe Ferguson
Rory and Thomas Ferlauto
Robert Fraser
Jeanne Gemmell
Julie and Steve Hamm
Tiffany and John Hammer
Nancy Handel
Norma and Michael Helin
Cythina and Randy Higbee
Lisa and Doug Holte
Denise and John Hooks
Alethea Hsu
Karen and John Jaffe
Kim Janson-Smith
Paul Jillson
Jennifer and Fred Karam
Rhonda Karp
John Henry Kaufman
Suzette Kirby
Janne Kouri
Anne and Ted Kucklick
Laguna Craft Guild
Sheryl Laulhere
Lisa and Jeffrey Lawson
Patricia Levine
Ron Lussier
Jeffrey Mallin
Kaveh Matin
Laura Mayo
Matthew McCullough
Ann McDonald
Catherine and James McQueen
Cynthia and Chris Mellow
Donna and Thomas Miller
Sheri Morgan
Simara Nahabedian
Gregory Nathanson
Sheri Newcomer
Robert Normile
Ashley Pak
Adam Panish
Thomas Panno and Tony Maquet
Raza Pash
Elizabeth Pearson
Kent and Pat Powell
Rick J. Delanty Fine Art
Amber and Ken Rohl
Rita Rollar
Keiko Sakamoto and Bill Witte
Susan and John Sanders
Harriet and Jim Selna
Somona and Carl Smith
Joyce and Spencer Spriggs
Arnold Starr and Bonnie Starr-Olsen
Diane Steffy
Jean and Linda Stern
Arthur Strick
Janne and Robert Stollar
Mary Linda and Jay Strotkamp
Gregory Vail
Cynthia and Michael Waldman
Joyce Weatherford and James Cushing
Terrence M. White
Anila Whitney
Wendy and Scott Wirth
Toni and Len Wood
Debbie and Kevin Wulff
Diana Wypich
Jennifer Yelland
Zinc Cafe & Market

Dennis Aigner and Camille Bertolet
Rosemarie Allaire-Bosson and George C. Bosson
Brien Amspoker and Ellen Breitman
Grace Kook-Anderson and Lev Anderson
Gertrud and Jay Andrus
Leslie Arnold
Angela Ashmoore
Sandra and Richard Azera
Laurence Bolton
Randy Boyd and Mr. Richard Zinni
Heather Burek
Heidi and George Burkhardt
Capital Group Companies Inc.
Mary and Gus Chabre
Bonnie Changstrom-Simon
Marriot and Timothy Clark
Debra Copeland
Sharon Davison
Jeannie Denholm
Scott and Catherine Doll
Carol and Dennis Eastman
Carol and G. Leslie Elliott
Ann and James Farris
Allan Feker
Karen Feuer-Schwager
Joan Finn-Hanson and Fred Dungan
Ruben Flores and Nelson Coates
Jessica Frandson
Stacy Garcia
Gertie and Jacques Garnier
Patricia Gately
Scott Gladstone
Lori Gottlieb
Judith and Robert Hall
Anny Heid
Apryll Held
Sophia Hernandez
Mary Ann and Joe Herrera
Heather Hobbs
Ayden Hofius
Gregory Holland and Carlos Lazaro
Eunnie Hur
Dorothy Hurford
IBM Matching Grants Program
Carmen Italia
Gary Izumi
Jackie Jacobson
Skip Johnson
Arlena and Kari Kauppi
Todd Kenyon
Philip Kieffer and George Resner
Barbara Klein
Robert and Barbara Klein
Teresa Knox
Helen Kramer
Elaine and Adrian Kuyper
Alyce Lamb
Vickie and Tom Lamb
Michelle Lane
Lois and James Lasry
Zahide and Harry Lawrence
Carlos Lazaro and Gregory Holland
Kathleen Lechner
Bea Lilly
Stephen Lubman and Athena Wright
Ohara Maile
Mick Manzi
Suzanne McClaire
Patsy Metcalf
Patricia Minassian
Mary Minerman
Milan Mitrovich
Kirra Moore
ELizabeth Morgan
Tim Nicol and John Secretan
James and Shirley Nielsen
Lynnea Oakes
Patti and John Ohslund
Marshall Parker
Patty Patterson
Leslee and Michael Perlstein
Theodore Peterson and Elizabeth Emison Peterson
Barbara Peyton
Barbara and Richard Picheny
Randy Higbee Gallery
Barbara Ring
Jarrow Rogovin
Terri and Brian Ross
Celia Ruelas
Timothy Saunders and Sherry Way
Linda Saville
Nola and Malcolm Schneer
Earl See
Krista and Robert Shaw
Homa Shoghian
Carolyn Skenderian
Mike Solton
Lozowski Sonya
Luke Stark
Bibe Stockmann
Jeanne and David Sullenger
Dorothy Sully
Alexandra Swellen
Grace Taylor
Zara Terrazas-Graham
Zen Thai
Judy Thomas
Patricia Truman and Laural Taylor
Patricia Twitty
Myron and Marolyn Wacholder
Lynn Weiser and Michael Tompkins
Lois Wilcoxen
Linda Wolcott
Jinha Yoo
Linda Young
Lois Zeller

Up to $99
Ethan Anderson and Jamie Diaz-Anderson
Susan and James E. Bollingmo
Shirley Bowen
Michael Brickman
Robert Briggs
Ellen Brooks
Linda Buckley
Katy Crumley
Jeff Davis
Patricia Didiomete
Mary and Bill Duffy
Heather and Craig Fish
Jenine Fisrette
Shirley and Robert Foster
Robin Fuld
Sally Garrett
John Gizzo
Ron Goulden
Rose Hancock
Dina Harros
Joyce Henry
Tom Hodges
Arline and David Isaacs
Soheila Jafazadeir
Elizabeth and Gary Jenkins
Jeff Kaplan
Neil Katz
Sigrid Kielty
Henry Koza
Elizabeth and William Kramer
Molly Levitta
Donna Liss
Greg Miles and Jane Casanova
Meri Mitta
Liz Nedza
Jane and Ray Neufeld
Sharon and George Orff
Cathy Parks
Megan Pitt
Julie Schimitz
Viviana Schulman and Peter Hands
Eldon Sextro
Carolina Sims
Gay Sutherland and Gretchen Westgaard
Carol Swanson
Sandra Van Duyne
Leah Vasquez
Felix Veski
Gayle Waikes
Kat Wallace
Fritzi Werner
Madelaine Whiteman
Lesghinka and Ritchie Wilson
Norma Young
24 Carrots
Montage, Laguna Beach
Roberto Cavalli

89.3 KPCC
Capelli Antiques
Christie’s Los Angeles
Copain Wines
Jon Madison
Riviera magazine
The Showpros

Broadway by Amar Santana
Beach West Plumbing
Casas de Santa Fe
Change a Life Foundation
Ferguson Supply
Fine Art Connoisseur
Jacques Garnier
Laguna Beach Independent
Laguna Beach Magazine
Laguna Nursery
Newport Beach Magazine
OC Weekly
Pelican Hill
Plein Air Magazine
Sara and Paul Heeschen
Shield’s Construction
St. Regis, Monarch Beach
The Inn at Laguna Beach

Nirvana Grille
Crystal Cove Art Alliance
KX 93.5 FM
Macaroni Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids
Michelle haut Chocolat
Southwest Art Magazine
Tamarind of London
The Cottage Restaurant

Romeo Cucina
Cookes Crating
Dierberg & Star Lane Vineyards
h2hotel, Healdsburg
Nelson Fine Art Framing
Simply Sweet Cakery
Wine Gallery

14 Hands Winery
Paul Fenner Floral Design
Randy Higbee Gallery
Savoir Fare
The Observatory
The Spice Merchants