Imagination Celebration Planning

Development and Outreach Associate Jennifer Gardiner gives an overview of preparations for Imagination Celebration, our family art-filled event on April 20th.

I just got finished ordering wiggly eyes, sparkly pens, puff balls, balloons and a face painter! It’s that time of year again, the museum is hosting Imagination Celebration, a fun-filled day of exciting art activities for the whole family. Imagination Celebration is an annual county-wide event produced by Arts Orange County and the Orange County Department of Education in collaboration with multiple arts organizations. The theme for this year’s event is “Full Steam Ahead” (STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), providing opportunities for children to participate in interdisciplinary art projects. Laguna Art Museum will continue its partnership with professional artists from Laguna Outreach for Community Arts (LOCA), who will lead different art projects stationed throughout the museum. Last week Marinta Skupin, Curator of Education, and I met with LOCA to learn about all the fun art they will help children make at the museum. Projects will include wearable art (hats and head bands), functional art (Earth Bags), art you can listen to (rain sticks), puzzles, and Clothespin Worry Dolls. LOCA has many amazing artist, we are very lucky to have Reem Khalil, Suzette Rosenthal, Colleen Corbett and Mike Tauber.

 LOCA Art Instructor and Workshop Descriptions

LOCA artists posing with their artwork

Reem Khalil–Earth Bags, and Rain Sticks

Clothing designer Reem Khalil creates hand painted silks and colorful clothing with a casual, organic style. Her hot-selling garments are available at the Sawdust Festival every summer, and at art festivals throughout the west.

Art Activity: Khalil will show how to fold newspapers into carry-pouches to hold belongings. Each “Earth Bag” can then be decorated with collage materials to make it one-of-a-kind!

Khalil will also show how to make festive rain sticks from cardboard tubes, using bundled foil and rice to create soothing sound effects.

Suzette Rosenthal–Worry Doll Clothespin Figures

Suzette Rosenthal exhibits annually at Sawdust Festival, and has won various awards for her mixed media paintings, collages and clothing. She focuses on “up cycling” – using expired wrappers, old packing materials, and fabric remnants, and giving them new life as art.

Art Activity: Rosenthal will show how to compose figures with clothespins, fabric scraps, yarn, feathers, and sticks. These figures, with origins in Guatemala, are to be used at bedtime to cast off ones troubles and  insure a good night’s sleep. Ninja warriors, kachinas, and tribal figures all make great subject matter.

Colleen Corbett–Groovy Hats & Headbands

Colleen Corbett is the founder of Lagoonies youth art. Her whimsical animal and fantasy caricatures have appeared on bedroom murals, clothing, and greeting cards. The Lagoonies team has shown at Sawdust Festival and many events in Orange County.

Art Activity: Corbett will show how to create zany hats and headbands, using matt-board scraps and assorted feathers and paste-ons.

These  wearable art pieces will make a bold fashion statement to brighten everyone’s day.

Mike Tauber–Puzzle Play

Mike Tauber exhibits his landscapes in tile at the Festival of Arts every summer, and is creator of the painted murals on the Broadway façade of Whole Foods Market in downtown Laguna Beach. He has won numerous regional and national awards for his fine art tiles.

Art Activity: Visitors to the Tauber workstation can choose and assemble their favorite picture puzzle, then decorate it using markers, packing peanuts, and googly eyes! The puzzles, designed by 7-year-old Owen Blum aka “Little O”, include a choice of lobster, snail, sea horse, and starfish.

In addition to the wonderful LOCA artists. My Hero Project will participate in for the first time, providing children with an opportunity to create hero art and stories which will then be uploaded to the website for online viewing.

In addition to hands-on art projects, the day is filled with activities: face painting, balloons, story time, the popular art detective game, music performances, and more. Admission is free thanks to a donation from the museum’s Arts Council.

Owen Blum creating puzzles for Imagination Celebration