Interning at Laguna Art Museum

Kalena in front of one of her favorite paintings in the collection.

Registrarial intern Kalena Fuji reviews her experience working at Laguna Art Museum.

It was a great opportunity for me as an Art History student to work as an intern for Laguna Art Museum this summer. Under the lovely Dawn Minegar, the museum’s registrar, I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes here, and how important a job it is to manage the collection. With many works of art constantly being moved between the museum and storage and also being lent out to other museums, keeping track of where even the smallest sculpture is can be a challenge. Dawn does a fantastic job of keeping the collection organized. It has also been really special to be able to see everything in the collection. One of my favorite parts of the job was going to the off site storage facility and being able to view the majority of the art on racks and bins. It’s certainly a different perspective to see art in this much less presentational form. With the proper handling techniques, I was even able to help move, inventory, and find a large number of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. Each work of art must be handled and stored carefully, especially as some are very old and valuable.

I have had quite the experience working here at Laguna Art Museum, and I have certainly learned as much as I can about working in a museum. Everyone at the museum has been absolutely wonderful and kind – I’m going to miss working here!

We are going to miss you, too. Thanks for all of your hard work, Kalena!