Interning with a View

Brittany Binder

Development and Outreach Intern Brittany Binder looks back at her time with Laguna Art Museum.

Deciding how to fill the time between June and September is always difficult for college students. As an Art History major at UC Irvine, I’m so glad that I have been able to fill my summer with an internship in administration at Laguna Art Museum. As an intern, I have worked under the guidance of Development and Outreach Associate Jennifer Gardiner in assisting various staff members with projects. I have done everything from grant research to archiving press material and yes, even filing, but let me say this; filing with a view of the ocean is always a plus. I’ve enjoyed working closely with museum staff and learning various aspects of their jobs.
In the museum, no two days are ever the same. My internship has given me an in-depth look into how museums function. The staff here works tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly. Over the summer, I’ve learned so much and had such a wonderful experience that I will continue to intern during the school year. Thank you so much to Laguna Art Museum for this amazing opportunity!