Laddie John Dill Installation

Deputy Director Ed Fosmire reflects on the installation of an artwork recently sold at the museum’s successful Art Auction.

Artist Laddie John Dill recently installed his Triple Light Wedge from 1971 in the home of Keiko Sakamoto and Bill Witte. The piece, comprised of glass, argon with mercury, and cement emulsion, was purchased by Keiko and Bill at Laguna Art Museum’s Art Auction 2013: California Underground, which was presented on February 9. Upon seeing the work at Laguna Art Museum, Keiko became enamored of the piece. Her friend and Laguna Art Museum Trustee, Sheldon Harte recommended that the almost eight-foot-tall Triple Light Wedge be placed in a vertical space above a staircase in Keiko and Bill’s home. The artist, along with two assistants and an electrician were able to install the illuminated 40-pound work in about an hour. Upon seeing the finished work installed, Keiko responded, “I am deliriously happy with the piece. It’s just spectacular!”

From left to right, top to bottom: Marking the location of where Triple Light Wedge will be installed; Laddie John Dill taking a break during the installation process; Laddie John Dill positioning Triple Light Wedge in the stairwell; Triple Light Wedge as seen in the evening