Mindy Cherri


Mindy Cherri
Modern Family
Swarovski crystal and porcelain plate, 2016
10 x 10 x 2 inches
Courtesy of the artist

A native Southern Californian, Mindy Cherri attended California State University, Fullerton, where she received a BFA in Crafts and Metals. Cherri’s work combines delicate and “traditional” Delftware creations with a contemporary, streetwise, punk-rock sensibility. Playing against the Martha Stewart-esque aesthetic of decorative hanging plates and lace-and-ribbon ornament, she takes the Home Sweet Home idea into a grittier, truer, and hilarious realm. Cherri’s works serves up delicious contradictions, putting that-which-should-be-hidden on display. Modern Family is no exception. In drug parlance “420” is a code term for the time (or date) to light up a joint.

“When I was growing up I used to have dinner every night with my family at the same time,”
Cherri comments. “Currently I have students who enjoy ‘420’ with their family every night and never eat a meal together. Smoking marijuana when I was young was what ‘pot heads,’ hippies and drug addicts did, not something your family did together. It’s truly an act of a modern family, not the family I grew up in. You could only buy weed from a dealer and you could go to jail for smoking. Now you will be able to buy it in many locations, just like a pack of cigarettes. For me this is a change in society’s thoughts about the use of drugs and tolerance.”

Selected exhibitions
Solo exhibition, J Flynn Gallery, Costa Mesa, 2008
Solo exhibition, The Office Gallery, Huntington Beach, 2007
OsCene 2006: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC, Laguna Art Museum, 2006