Museum Adventures with the Board

Malcolm Warner

Executive Director Dr. Malcolm Warner reflects on his day with members of the board of trustees.
On August 15 we held an orientation session for members of the museum’s board of trustees. The idea was to introduce them to staff members they may not have met, especially some who are new, and to give them the chance to ask us questions about our jobs. Like most people, I myself used to wonder what museum staff did all day – maybe dusting the paintings occasionally? If you’ve never been behind the scenes, you might be surprised how much work, and how many busy people, it takes to bring all that great art together and make it interesting for our visitors.
The group also visited some museum locations that most hadn’t seen before, including our offsite storage, our picturesque subterranean pump room, and the roof. The photo shows our visit to the roof with (from left to right) board members Bob Hayes and Lou Rohl; deputy director Ed Fosmire; and board president Robert Hayden. With such views to the ocean it’s a pity the roof couldn’t be a roof garden for all to enjoy. One day perhaps.