What's It All About?

A uniquely California experience supporting Laguna Art Museum.

135 contributing auction artists, our community, sponsors and trustees as united on March 4, 2023 to raise money in support of Laguna Art Museum’s mission to enlighten and engage people of all ages through art that embodies and preserves the California experience.  We hope you enjoyed the night of complimentary cocktails and appetizers, a red-carpet experience and a performance by Grammy-nominated, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats. Stay tuned for next year’s event!

If you were unable to attend the 41st annual California Cool Art Auction, Benefit & Bash, but would still like to support Laguna Art Museum, please consider donating today. We are grateful for your support.


Participating Artists

Kim Abeles
Lita Albuquerque
Jason Alders
Helen Allois
Caesar Alzate Jr.
Charles Arnoldi
Stephanie Bachiero Jody Baral

Eddie Barbini
Marlo Bartels
Jane Bauman
Billy Al Bengston
Kelly Berg

Maria Bertran
Sandow Birk
Chris Bliss

Casper Brindle
Ryan Callis

Mindy Cherri
Lynn Coleman
Alex Couwenberg
Kimerlee Curyl
Deborah Davidson
Michael Davis
Woods Davy
Michael Dee

Guy Dill
Laddie John Dill
Heidi Dobrott

Tom Dowling
Jorg Dubin
Julie Easton
David Eddington
Ned Evans

Shepard Fairey
Asad Faulwell
Karen Feuer-Schwager
Baldemar Fierro
Kaori Fukuyama
Jacques Garnier
Mark Garry

Gianne de Genevraye
Eric Gerdau

Jeff Gillette
Lawrence Gipe

Joe Goode

Kristina Grace
Robert Hansen
Tracy Sylvester Harris
Laurie Hassold

David Hayes
Danny Heller
Scot Heywood
Kelsey Irvin
Christopher Jeffries
Carolyn Johnson
Kathy Jones

Jeff Juhl in
Jojo Bros.
Joseph Justus
Sherry Karver
Elyse Katz
G. Ray Kerciu
David Krovblit
Tom Lamb
David Michael Lee
Dave Lefner

Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band
David Ligare

David Lloyd
Jean Lowe
Cody Lusby
Shana Mabari
Victoria MacMillan
Adam Mars

Kaydad Maseeh
Shane Mcclatchey
Jane McCracken
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam
Elizabeth McGhee
Scott McMillin

Blue McRight
Pierce Meehan
David Milton
Jim Morphesis
Andy Moses
Ed Moses
Gwynn Murrill
Brad Neal
Adam Neely

Lindsey Nobel
Jonde Northcutt
Michael Obermeyer
Paul Paiement
Fabia Panjarian

Da Aie Park
Kenton Parker
Ruth Pastine
R.T. Pece
Serena Potter
Astrid Preston

Bret Price
Greg Price
Robert Redding
Richard Reiner
Michael Rey

Ed Ruscha
Brittany Ryan
Carol Saindon
Bradford Salamon
Daniela Schweitzer
Jeff Sewell

Doug Shoemaker
Michael Situ

Pat Sparkuhl
Carl Sprinchorn
Robert Standish
Fred Stodder

Reed Thomas
Fred Tomaselli
Don Totten
Cecil T ouchon
Clay Vorhes
Beth Waldman
Sherry Walker-Pollack
Michael Ward

June Wayne
Roger Weik
Alexander Weinstein
Kirsten Whalen
Emerson Woelffer
Joy Wolf

William Wray
Tom Wudl

Scott Yeskel



Laguna Art Museum thanks this year’s California Cool Art Auction Sponsors.

Gold Sponsors

Betsy and Gary Jenkins
John Moran Auctioneers & Appraisers
Laura and Louis Rohl

Benefactor Sponsors

Lori and Harley Bassman
Jane and Joe Hanauer
Jan and Ken Kaplan

Patron Sponsors

Wendy Aird
Velvet Bee

Host Committee

Elliot Kornhauser and Joe Baker
Tiare and Patrick Meegan
Emil and Michèle Monda
Diane Stovall
Jennifer Yelland and Stephen Shirley
Lisa and Jim Hale

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