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K–12 visits at Laguna Art Museum (LAM) prompt close looking, peer-to-peer dialogue, and thematic ties between artworks. Students learn through experimental play, inquiry, and multi-modal activities that relate curricular content and shared experiences to our permanent collection and special exhibitions.

We’re excited to offer three guided tour formats: in-person; in-person with an art-making activity in our maker space, the Lab at LAM; and virtual. Tours must be scheduled three weeks in advance. All K–12 visits are available Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All tours are led by educational staff and docents who facilitate in-depth investigations of artistic concepts, histories, and identities. We invite instructors to select one of our tour themes and request specific artworks, exhibitions, or topics for their visit(s). Click the button below to submit your request!

Making a Reservation

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your reservation. Payments can be made by check or credit card. After the booking form is submitted, a member of our visitor services team will reach out with payment instructions. Once your deposit is processed, an education department staff member will follow up with further details. Your remaining balance must be paid upon arrival to the museum. This balance will be included on the confirmation document sent to you via email 72 hours before your visit.

Pricing for In-Person Tours

$8 per student. Groups with over 15 students receive a discounted price of $7 per student. For every 15 students in attendance, groups receive free admission for 1 chaperone. Additional chaperones are charged standard admission rates. Instructional aides and/or special needs aides receive free admission. In-person + Lab at LAM tours are priced at an additional $7 per student.

Pricing for Virtual Tours

$5 per student. Supervising adults may attend free of charge. Besides the LAM educator, one adult must be present in the Zoom meeting at all times. For virtual tours with K–3 audiences, we offer an adjusted half-hour instructional format.

Fee waivers may be available to qualified groups. Please contact tours@lagunaartmuseum.org for all tour-related inquiries.


Tour Themes & Our Goals

Tour Themes

Art in Focus
Grades K–5, 60 minutes

Students investigate the fundamental elements, definitions, and principles of art and design. Conversations stimulate rigorous formal analysis by focusing on ideas like color, form, harmony, line, movement, space, and texture.

Awaken the World!
Grades K–12, 60 minutes

How does art activate our natural and urban spaces? How can art change the ways we interact with the environment? Students examine these guiding questions by considering how different materials and subject matter shape their view of the world.

Creating California
Grades K–12, 60 minutes

The histories, ideas, and terrains alive in our own backyards are infinite! Students delve into artists’ interpretations of California’s places and peoples across time, learning about art-historical movements, media, and social change.

The Place of Art
Grades 4–12, 60 minutes

What is art? And what is its place in my life and society? Analyzing the cultural, political, and social contexts of select objects, students explore how all art is, in part, about the world in which it was made. Discussions push students to think critically about topics like class, gender, race, or world events.

What Do You Litera-See?
Grades 3–5, 60 minutes

Students develop the art of asking questions and making inferences by engaging in all forms of literacy: listening, observing, reading, sharing, speaking, and writing. Evidence-based discussions will move students through a variety of concepts and disciplines.

Our Goals

Co-create learning communities inclusive of all abilities and backgrounds. We empower every learner in our galleries by honoring their diverse experiences, interests, and needs. Our educators employ language, objects, and strategies that uplift different perspectives, emphasizing that students’ identities are integral components of our collective enrichment. Together, we promote respect for all individuals by acknowledging the limits of our understanding, leaving space for conversations around social inequities, and making interpretive accommodations whenever necessary.

Develop an intimate experience. Tours focus on three or four objects spanning California history to foster visual literacy skills and engaging discussions.

Make connections between visual art and content standards. Visits expand upon topics already encountered in the classroom and allow for new learning opportunities. All K–12 tours incorporate the Common Core State Standards and the California Arts Standards. We are happy to integrate additional subject-specific topics upon request.


Additional Details

Request Details

Requests are processed in the order of receipt. If we’re unable to accommodate your original request, we’ll assist with creating alternate arrangements. Prior to your visit, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information regarding your visit.

Please notify us immediately if you need to cancel your visit by emailing tours@lagunaartmuseum.org. Tours cancelled within 72 hours of their scheduled start time receive a full refund, excluding the reservation deposit. If we need to cancel your visit due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to reschedule.


LAM welcomes students and educators of all abilities. We work closely with groups to ensure that everyone can participate in our tours. If your group requires accommodations or sensory assistive tools, we are happy to provide support. Please include necessary details in the designated accessibility section on the K–12 tour request form.

We are currently developing additional multi-sensory and inclusive educational resources for all visitors. Check back in the future for more publicly available resources for K–12 audiences.


Access Granted!