SMARTIFY is your personal digital curator. It is a mobile app that allows users to scan artworks and gain access to rich commentary left by friends, curators, and the artists themselves. It transforms museums and galleries into a place for dialogue and shared experiences.



At Laguna Art Museum, look for the SMARTIFY label next to artworks for extended information at the tip of your fingers.






SMARTIFY C.I.C was founded in December 2015. It hopes to enrich visits to art venues by creating meaningful connections with the artwork and the communities who love it. The app is currently available to iOS users with Android coming soon. SMARTIFY’s ambitious vision is to bring positive disruption to the way audiences experience art in museums, galleries and other venues. It is a platform to interpret, share and respond to art.

In 2016, Laguna Art Museum became the first North American partner for SMARTIFY. Using SMARTIFY’s advanced image recognition and augmented reality technology, visitors may scan artworks to gain access to information, commentary, artist biographies, and other content. Visitors may create their own personal “collections” within the app for later viewing and to extend their museum visit, giving a sense of direct engagement and participation with the curatorial process.