Artist Profile

Barbara Carrasco

b. 1955

Much of Barbara Carrasco’s art work focuses on what she, as a Chicana feminist, has lived and become passionate about. The selected art pieces displayed below are only a few of Carrasco’s work. These art pieces reflect some of her personal encounter with social injustices, while critiquing our society’s influences and domination. Aside from painting individual pieces, she has also worked on multiple murals located in different parts of Los Angeles, CA.

All of Barbara Carrasco’s work not only reflects her impressions on the subject within the certain art piece but more importantly, re-educates her audience by using icons whose story has been unheard of. Carrasco’s images call into question what has become our society’s “traditional” and challenges what should be the norm. She critiques gender, cultural, political and identity roles that dominate and restrict those within our communities. By highlighting influential leaders and personal experiences, Carrasco liberates her oppressed subject and message.

Having personally been exposed to not only the art work but also having the opportunity to speak with the artist about her inspiration to do such works, I have nothing but admiration for her. Listening to Carrasco’s words and hearing her heart speak about her messages she tries to communicate through her work, makes me proud to be a Chicana and a woman. Her purpose in wanting to present insight into her own personal life through her work, speaks in honor of those who are the silenced minorities in our society, which reflects her passion for social justice.

Artist biography courtesy of http://almalopez.com/projects/ChicanasLatinas/carrascobarbara3.html



Works in Our Collection

Barbara Carrasco
Names Can Hurt
Acrylic on canvas, 1991
24 x 12 inches
From the Stuart and Judy Spence Collection, donated April 1999 by Judy and Stuart Spence


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