Art at Home!

LAM+LAB at Laguna Art Museum is a space for exploration and play. Now you can bring LAM+LAB home with these art activities designed for all ages. As we tell students who visit us at the museum: There are no rules. You are the artist. Be inspired by the art from Laguna Art Museum’s exhibitions, but please make it your own and let your imagination lead you in unexpected directions.

When you are finished creating each piece of art, post a picture of it on Instagram. Follow @lagunaartmuseum and use the hashtag #LAMLabAtHome to see your work featured in our Instastories!


Art-Making Activities

Flip Books

Funny flip books inspired by Wayne Thiebaud’s clown paintings

Clown Faces

Face painting inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's clown paintings

Clown Collages

Collages inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's clown paintings

Clown Comics

Comics inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's clown paintings

Clown Compositions

Drawings or paintings inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's clown paintings

Ephemeral Art

Art responding to nature and Laguna Art Museum’s Art & Nature artists

Hushed Haiku

Poetry responding to the stillness of Granville Redmond’s paintings

Pointillist Poppies

Pointillism inspired by Granville Redmond’s popular poppy paintings

Calm Collages

Collages inspired by Granville Redmond’s nighttime compositions


Artwork inspired by the mysterious and magical continent of Antarctica

Shadow Shapes

Drawings and paintings responding to the work of Craig Kauffman

Floating Shapes

Hard-edge paintings inspired by Tony DeLap

Between Art and Quarantine

Recreate works by Elanor Colburn and Ruth Peabody

The World Through Our Windows

Art inspired by the views from our windows

Playful Portraits

Figure drawing inspired by Artemio Sepúlveda

Graphic Symbols

Design your own graphic compositions inspired by Peter Krasnaw and Chaz Bojorquez

Found Objects

Trompe-l’oeil or assemblage inspired by found objects and art by Daniel Douke

Fake News

A writing and drawing activity exploring the relationship between news and reality

DIY Watercolor

Make your own watercolor paint inspired by the paintings of Millard Sheets

Still Life

Drawings or paintings inspired by Matteo Sandonà’s Untitled Still Life

Magu Map

A collaborative sculpture inspired by Gilbert Magu Lujan’s "Cruising Turtle Island"

Texture Tapestry

A texture collage inspired by Llyn Foulkes’s "But I Thought Art Was Special (Mickey and Me)"

Fairytale Zines

Book-making inspired by "Titi, Nunu, & Klembolo: Helena Modjeska’s Fairy Tale Book"

Expressing Gratitude

Artistic creations embracing gratitude inspired by Dan McCleary's "Therapy"
Dan McCleary, "Therapy," 2014, oil on canvas

Danza Ocelotl Masks

Mask-making inspired by Yreina Cervantez’s "Danza Ocelotl"


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