Graphic Symbols

Design your own graphic compositions inspired by Peter Krasnow and Chaz Bojorquez.


Docent Introduction


Convey Meaning With Symbols

A graphic symbol is a written sign that is used to convey meaning without using language. The emojis on our phones are an example of symbols. We also see them in advertisements, in religious institutions, and in traffic signals. Street artists often use them in murals to communicate a message. Graphic symbols are all around us!

Both Peter Krasnow and Chaz Bojorquez use graphic symbols in their art. In, K-26 (For King David), Krasnow uses brightly colored symbols of protection referencing Jewish biblical themes. In A, Bojorquez, uses black graffiti-style lettering inspired by his neighborhood of Highland Park, Los Angeles, to create an abstract composition.

Peter Krasnow, K.−26 (For King David), 1965
Chaz Bojorquez, A, 1987, oil on canvas


Make It Your Own

  • Be inspired by Krasnow, Bojorquez, and graphic symbols in the world around you to create a composition using them.
  • Design your own symbol (or series of symbols).
  • Create an original graphic symbol alphabet or write your name using only symbols.
  • Use symbols that already exist to create a layered image with a message.
  • Use digital symbols to design a work of art.
  • When you are finished, share it with us on Instagram and let us know what inspired you.


Show Us Your Work