Guidance & Leadership

The Board Today

During the past few years the size of the Board has grown significantly, a testament to the positive momentum that the museum is experiencing. These dedicated trustees are striving to increase every aspect of the museum member’s experience and feel honored to serve such a worthwhile institution.


Honorable Members

Board of Trustees


Louis M. Rohl

Vice Chair

Thomas B. Stiles II


Jane Hanauer

Immediate Past Chair

Robert Hayden III


Emil Monda


Lita Albuquerque
Rick Balzer
Edward Bayuk
Robert C. Braun
Robert F. Chapman*

Keith Colestock
Deborah Engle
Joe Hanauer
Betsy Jenkins
Greg MacGillivray

Kristin Samuelian
Stephen E. Samuelian
Marnie Wall
Leslie Weaver
Bob Whalen*

*ex officio

Presidents Emeritus:

Janet W. Eggers
G. Ray Kerciu

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Laguna Art Museum is the museum of California art. It collects, cares for, and exhibits works of art that were created by California artists or represent the life and history of the state.


Rules & Bylaws


Download and read Laguna Art Museum’s bylaws and rules of governance.