The World Through Our Windows

Art inspired by the views from our windows.



Two Views

Spending a lot of time at home gives us the chance to look carefully at what we see through our windows. Capturing these window views can make for wonderful works of art and might one day become valuable reminders of this time of staying at home!

Two works from Laguna Art Museum’s collection that can serve as inspiration for this project are On the Porch by Roger Kuntz and Palm Road by Wayne Thiebaud.

Roger Kuntz, On the Porch, c. 1958
Wayne Thiebaud, Palm Road, 1965


Make It Your Own

  • Be inspired by the works of Roger Kuntz and Wayne Thiebaud to create a work based on the view that you see from your window.
  • You can paint, draw, collage, take an artistic photo, or create a digital image.
  • Experiment with materials and collaborate with your family.
  • Share with us on Instagram!


Show Us Your Work