Artwork inspired by the mysterious and magical continent of Antarctica.



A Magical Land

Leland Curtis was an American painter with a passion for the environment. He was active in the Sierra Club and served as the official artist for the United States Antarctic Service Expedition from 1939 to 1940. Curtis visited Antarctica a total of three times during his life.

Curtis is not the only artist in our collection who has had an interest in this mysterious and magical land. In 2006, California artist and Laguna Art Museum trustee Lita Albuquerque led an expedition to the farthest reaches of Antarctica near the South Pole to create the first installment of her global work Stellar Axis. The expedition was aided by a grant from the National Science Foundation and was the first and largest ephemeral art work created on the continent. The resulting installation consisted of an array of ninety nine fabricated blue spheres. The placement of each corresponded to the location of one of 99 specific stars in the Antarctic sky above.

Leland Curtis, Fogbound Shores, Antarctica, 1939-40, oil on canvas
Lita Albuquerque, Solar Axis, Antarctica, 2006

More Inspiration

A Virtual Look

  • We may not be able to visit Antarctica easily, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by it. Please watch the linked video.


Make It Your Own

  • Be inspired by the images in the video and the work of Leland Curtis and Lita Albuquerque to create a piece of artwork responding to the mystery of Antarctica.
  • You can create a collage, painting, drawing, or even a sculpture.
  • Whatever you do, share your work with us on Instagram using the hashtag #LAMLabAtHome.


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