Shadow Shapes

Drawings and paintings responding to the work of Craig Kauffman.



Light and Shadows

Craig Kauffman’s untitled plexiglass piece from 1968 is characteristic of the Finish Fetish and Light and Space work for which California artists became known. Kauffmann was initially an abstract painter, but, in 1964, began experimenting with transparent plastics, creating objects that change based on the light around them.

Light has been a major source of inspiration for many California artists. Even the earlier abstract painting by Kauffman (Untitled from 1960) is reminiscent of light and shadows.

Craig Kauffman, Untitled, 1968, acrylic and lacquer on vacuum-formed Plexiglas
Craig Kauffman, Untitled, 1960, oil on linen mounted on board


Make It Your Own

  • A playful and easy way to make art using light at home is to create drawings and paintings of shadows.
  • Build a structure using objects you find at home. Either using sunlight shining in from a window or a flashlight, trace the shadows that the structure creates with pencil onto paper.
  • When you are finished outlining the shapes, color them in with paint or marker to create shadow art.
  • Share your work with us on Instagram using the hashtag #LAMLabAtHome.


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