Artist Profile

Elmer Wachtel


At 18 years old, Elmer Wachtel moved from his birthplace in Maryland to San Gabriel, California. Elmer was a successful self-taught violinist and played in the Los Angeles Philharmic Orchestra where he developed his reputation. Wachtel joined the Art Student League in New York in 1900 where he explored his interest in the visual arts. Upon return to Los Angeles, Wachtel continued to play the violin and pursue a career in visual arts on the side. Wachtel married one of his students, Marion Kavanaugh, who was an outstanding artist on her own. Their relationship developed and revolved around the arts with Wachtel’s interest in oils and Marion’s interest in watercolors.



Works in Our Collection

Elmer Wachtel
Winter Scene
Oil on canvas, c.1920
40 x 30 inches
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Willcox