Artist Profile

Jeff Colson

b. 1957

Jeff Colson was born in Santa Ana, California, in 1957. He had his first exhibition in 1989. Colson works from numerous materials to create forms that often evoke familiar objects. His work seems to rise out of somewhere between pop art and conceptual art through the use of different mediums such as fiberglass, bronze, paintings, and watercolor. Though there is a sense of absence or silence from Colson’s work, they are equally loaded with humor. An example of this is Report (2001), which appears to be a cluster of trumpet hornlike objects protruding from the wall. With several horns pointing upright, one who expects a cacophony of sound will rest in perpetual expectation. Similarly, Colson has created various striped awnings that hang from the wall waiting in perpetuity for a circus to assemble underneath.



Works in Our Collection

Jeff Colson
mixed media on board, 1982
14 x 28 inches
Gift of Ruth and Murray Gribin