Artist Profile

Mark Chamberlain


Mark Chamberlain was a photographic, environmental, and installation artist as well as a gallery owner and curator. He was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa. As a student at the University of Iowa, he received a BA in Political Science in 1965 and an MBA in 1967. He became interested in photography while serving in the military during the Vietnam era. In 1973, with partner Jerry Burchfield, he co-founded BC Space Gallery and Photographic Art Services in Laguna Beach. Solely operated by Chamberlain from 1987 onward, this was one of the longest continually running fine art photography galleries in the country. At BC Space, Chamberlain hosted community, political, and solstice events, as well as theatrical and musical performances. He was involved in several long-term photographic projects, including the Laguna Canyon Project (1980–2010); the Legacy Project (2002 onward), documenting the transition of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro into the Orange County Great Park; and the ten-year-long River Tales odyssey, documenting the entire length of the Mississippi River in video and still photographs.



Works in Our Collection

Mark Chamberlain and Jerry Burchfield
Dorothy’s Dream (Tellgram)
Cibachrome photogram, 1988
5 x 15 feet
Gift of the estate of the artist