Artist Profile

Mischa Askenazy


Mischa Askenazy was born on February 22, 1888 in a small town near Odessa, Russia. At the age of four, Askenazy and his family relocated to New York City, NY where he spent his childhood. Upon teenage years, Askenazy decided to pursue a career in the arts. He studied at the NAD under Jones, Volk, and Maynard. Upon winning a scholarship, Askenazy spent two years in France and Italy where he further developed his skills as a traveling artist. During the 1920’s Askenazy became well known for portraiture and spent many of those years painting the wealthy individuals of that time. In 1925 a portrait commission led him to Montecito, CA where he fell in love with the land and soon decided to settle in Los Angeles. He continued to live and work in Southern California until his death on July 13, 1961. His works mainly consist of portraits, figure studies, still lifes, landscapes, and are often noted for their influence of Cézanne.



Works in Our Collection

Mischa Askenazy
Dorothy Reading
Oil on canvas, 1956
33 x 26 inches
Museum Purchase, Barbara Ehrlich Memorial Fund