Artist Profile

Ross Rudel

b. 1960

The craftsmanship central to the sculptural work of Ross Rudel—most conspicuously the facility and elegance of his woodcarving technique—can sometimes overshadow the other formal and conceptual subtleties at play, a fact that is not lost on the artist. His bulbous, biomorphic abstractions are rooted in minimalist geometric ideals and material specificity, but they deliberately impede their easy absorption as reductionist archetypes by making tactile and metaphorical allusions to the human body, as well as to other organic phenomena such as vegetables, clouds, sea anemones, and paranormal geological formations.



Works in Our Collection

Ross Rudel
Untitled #122
wood, fabric and glue, 1993
12 x 13 x 10 inches
Gift of the Richard H. Mumper Estate