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Founded in 1995, Firebird is a unique, dynamic, and accomplished group of musicians performing on Russian traditional instruments. These include the domra, a string instrument with a thin, fretted neck and round body first appearing in written records at the end of the 15th century; the balalaika, a triangular-bodied Russian instrument well known to Western audiences from the film Doctor Zhivago; and the bayan, a member of the accordion family popular in Russia and Ukraine. Firebird’s repertoire ranges from traditional Russian and Eastern European songs to well-known classics and works of contemporary composers. Touring extensively in the US and abroad, the ensemble also performs for TV, radio, and films.

Live! at the Museum is presented in partnership with Laguna Beach Live! and is generously sponsored by Compass.

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Please note: Pre-registration tickets for the first 110 seats of Thursday’s concert are no longer available. An additional 20 seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and any unclaimed seats will be released 10 minutes before the concert begins.

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