What's It All About?

Experience the magic of Modern Alchemy with a special museum program featuring acclaimed artist-jeweler Adam Neeley. Join Adam for a guided tour of the exhibit, exploring the innovative techniques and stunning creations that define his work. After the tour, continue the celebration at a Summer Soirée hosted at the Adam Neeley Gallery. Enjoy the delights of summer with champagne, wines, and small bites amidst the captivating ambiance where artistic brilliance comes to life.


Advance tickets recommended. Limited availability.

Museum members: $18

Non-members: $25


About the Artist

Adam Neeley is an award-winning artist-jeweler who transforms precious metals and gemstones into wearable art by traditional goldsmith techniques and modern technologies. His unique designs are inspired by the vast variety of shapes and colors found in the natural world. In fact, it was his childhood interest in collecting rocks that eventually drew Neeley to the master goldsmiths in Italy, where he would study the art of jewelry making. Eventually he developed his own style and techniques of goldwork that have won him international acclaim, as well as prestigious awards across the jewelry industry.


Through many years of trial and error, Adam Neeley developed a never-before-seen technique that he calls Spectra Gold, which seamlessly changes one color of gold into another. This is accomplished by a labor-intensive forging process to create a subtle gradient, or ombré, of color from yellow gold to white gold and more. This, along with his creation of totally new colors of gold, adds to the sense that his jewelry is created by a modern-day alchemist.

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