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Ruben Ochoa’s curatorial project, CLASS: C, presented artists Matt Driggs’ and Joel Heflin’s halfpipe, an installation in the Museum’s lobby. The CLASS: C curatorial project sought to blur the lines between the high and low as well as the private and public spheres. CLASS: C is a mobile gallery that has been presenting an ongoing series of contextually specific exhibitions for the several years. Housed in the shell of an ’85 Chevy van, now with a fully customized interior, it once served as curator-artist Ruben Ochoa’s family’s tortilla delivery van, their family business.

Artist and former partner at the Edward Giardina Contemporary Art and Curator at Raid Projects, Matt Driggs, currently works at the University of Southern California Fisher Gallery. Driggs, BFA Cal State Fullerton, lives and works in Los Angeles. His current work investigates assumptions and displacement of cultural influences. Most recently, Driggs had a solo show at Lucky Tackle in the Bay Area.

Joel Heflin, former partner of Edward Giardina Contemporary Art and Raid Projects has been working as an artist in SoCal for the past eight years. Recent exhibitions include the Cranbrook Museum (2003), Art Chicago (2003) and Sundance Film Festival (2004). Joel Heflin’s current work explores the longevity and veracity of objects when addressed and altered as paintings. Joel Heflin is continuing graduate studies in Vancouver, BC.

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