Laurie Brown, Periphery #11, Wishbone Hill, Crystal Cove, CA (detail), 1995, gelatin silver print, Gift of Karen and Craig Krull


What's it all about?

Photographer Laurie Brown (born 1937) has documented mankind’s relationship to the landscape in its less comfortable forms, dwelling especially on zones that form a no-man’s-land between the man-made and the natural. Her panoramas of suburban development are at once melancholy and slightly comic, distressing and strangely beautiful. The wry invitation that they offer to ponder issues of the environment make them an ideal complement to the museum’s Art & Nature festival.

Support for Laurie Brown: Photographs was generously provided by the W/B Roberts Family Trust, Dennis and Joanne Keith, Margi and John Murray, Tom and Barbara Peckenpaugh, and Jean Bixby Smith.

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