Leo Limón, Dando Gracias, 1983


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Founded in a garage in East Los Angeles by Sister Karen Boccalero, a Franciscan nun, working alongside artists and other collaborators, Self Help Graphics & Art has remained consistently focused over the past 50 years on printmaking, offering workshops based on the idea of teaching anyone to learn and inviting people to come and make art.

Today, Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG), is dedicated to nurturing the creation and advancement of new artworks by Chicana/o/x and Latinx artists, specializing in experimental and innovative printmaking techniques and various other visual art forms.

In celebration of the Self Help Graphics & Art momentous 50th anniversary, Laguna Art Museum presents the largest selection of works by SHG artists from the museum’s collection to date. Curated by Curatorial Fellow and Guest Curator Rochelle Steiner, Marking an Era: Celebrating Self Help Graphics & Art at 50 offers a contemporary look at the earliest works and themes that have initiated countless discussions and collaborations at the heart of Chicana/o/x art making in the region and beyond.


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