From left to right: Charles Arnoldi, Black Top, oil on linen, 2014; National, wood, 1974; Arsenal, oil on linen, 2016, courtesy of the artist


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The museum regularly presents changing selections from its own collection. On occasion, we borrow pieces from other collections to add an extra dimension, and this time we are grateful for loans from Michael Ray, Gary and Lindy Dinkin, Charles Arnoldi, Pamela Banks, and another lender who wishes to remain anonymous. The works are installed so as to present a different theme on each of the four sides of the Steele Gallery: a group of comic and satirical figure paintings; early twentieth-century landscapes, mostly views in and around Laguna Beach; a mini-retrospective of the work of Charles Arnoldi, including a “triptych” that suggests both the change and the continuity within his work; and sculptures by Peter Alexander and Gisela Colon, artists a generation apart working in the California Light and Space tradition.

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