Yorgo Alexopoulos, 360˚ Azimuth, 2019, two channel 4k projection with sound, two synchronized media players, related electronics, 14 feet x 48 feet


What's it all about?

Yorgo Alexopoulos (born 1971) is the museum’s commissioned artist for Art & Nature 2019. Alexopoulos creates paintings, time-based media artworks, and installations. He often synchronizes multiple monitors or projections in a dynamic ensemble to create an ever-changing, immersive spectacle. Using landscape symbolism as a point of departure, he combines Euclidean geometric shapes with a multiplicity of moving images, whether filmed, photographed, painted, or drawn, that unite representation and abstraction into a common aesthetic. At Laguna Art Museum his large-scale installation, 360° Azimuth, features a two channel video projection with sound in which landscape symbols become metaphoric “characters” in an animistic meta-narrative where reality and constructs of our collective subconscious seem to co-exist peacefully. An American-born artist of Greek descent, Alexopoulos graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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