Mother / Mom / Mama / Ma

Re-creating paintings by Elanor Colburn and Ruth Peabody, in celebration of Mother’s Day and as part of the and #BetweenArtAndQuarantine challenge.



Mother and Daughter Artists

Elanor Colburn was Ruth Peabody’s mother. When they moved to Laguna Beach in 1923, they became active members of the Laguna Beach Art Association and shared a home studio.

In Primitive Mother (Primordial Days in Palm Springs), Colburn depicts an indigenous mother and her children in a natural, yet abstract setting.

In The Cook Book, Peabody painted a woman sitting at a dining room table, with a cook book in hand, and table set with a pitcher, bowl, bottle, plant, and what appears to be two eggs.

Elanor Colburn, Primitive Mother, 1925
Ruth Eaton Peabody, The Cook Book, 1925


Make It Your Own

  • During this time of quarantine, we love seeing images of people re-creating their favorite works of art using objects in their homes.
  • In celebration of Mother’s Day, please be inspired to re-create one of these images made by our favorite mother daughter duo.
  • Be creative. Use objects you have at home!
  • Take a photo of your scene and share it on Instagram with #LAMLabAtHome and #BetweenArtAndQuarantine.


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